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Hitman 3 Mendoza Walkthrough Guide – How to Complete All Missions


In this presentation of Hitman 3 Mendoza, you will learn how to complete all the missions in the fifth location of the game, Mendoza. Like all the other Hitman 3 sites, Mendoza has several missions that you must complete.

Mendoza contains 4 missions to complete this location. In any assignment, you need to achieve certain goals in a unique way, using the method you want. This guide to Mendoza shows you the easiest way to get there.

Hitman 3 Mendoza walkthrough guide

We have described below how to accomplish the four missions in Mendoza.


When you start this mission, you have to go to the vineyards to go to the winery. The goal is to listen to the head winemaker to really tackle this mission. Once you’ve heard everything, it’s time to go to the same winemaker. But wait until he gets to the fields.

Once you have the disguise, you can now go to the guests, where you must go to the target, Tamara. Guide them through the fermentation room and the barrel room and just follow the path the mission has laid out. The final task is to go into the room with the barrels and look for the second target, which will appear in the room.

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This mission only begins when you have completed your mission in Argentina with a visit to the winery as head winemaker. When you complete the tour and the second target enters the room, both targets start talking. A message is displayed to indicate that the mission has begun.

It’s time to become another sommelier, but this time you have to take on a sommelier’s mantle. You can do this by going to a room that is equipped with a refrigerator. Take him out and cover him to continue this mission.

The next task is to disable the security lasers to steal a 1945 bottle of wine from Grand Paladin. The code to disable the lasers is 1945, the number of the wine itself. Now give the bottle to the guard in the barrel. Follow the guard into the meeting where Don reveals his plans to kill Diana. Follow the guards as they chase Diana and take them out before they kill her.

Reveal Don’s evil plans to Diana and wait in the room while she says so. When Diana meets Don, you have to take out both guards with Don. Complete the last steps to kill Don and the mission is finished.

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During the mission, two snipers will be marked for you to approach and listen to their conversation. For this you need a disguise, and the best option here is a mercenary disguise. When you have done that, go up the stairs to the snipers and listen to them when they start talking.

The second blanket needed is the gaucho, who is in the garden of the villa. After you talk about their cover, you’ll need the scout’s handset, which you may have marked as a target. Now use the camera to mark Tamara in the fields and release Diana into the gardens, where snipers are ready to take out Tamara. Save or kill the guards who don’t go back into the garden. Once you get close to Tamara, you’ll have a chance. This allows the snipers to shoot Tamara and complete the mission.

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When the mission starts, you have to go to the fermentation pool where two employees are talking about a pump malfunction. When they are done talking, follow one of the workers and disguise yourself as a worker.

You now have tools with a screwdriver and a wrench. The screwdriver is in the technical room and the wrench in the wine room. Enter the fermentation room and sabotage the electrical wiring with the screwdriver. Now use the pump key to avoid being noticed.

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