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All ICA agent locations in Berlin — Hitman 3

During the mission in Berlin in Hitman 3, several CIA agents are looking for Agent 47. These devices are constantly moving and trying to find you. But you can find them first, and with that you can achieve the goal of Clean House. There are 11 in total, and many of them wear masks.

Clean House Target – All CIA agent locations

Agent Price

Price is the first agent you meet at the beginning of the mission. You’ll find it shortly after you mention that several agents are looking for Agent 47. You can let them talk to other people through an earpiece. Destroy it and you can move on to the others.

Agent Banner

Agent Banner is on the same floor as Agent Montgomery, floor -1. He is dressed as a maintenance worker and will immediately patrol the dance floor and watch over you.

Representative Chamberlain

Agent Chamberlain is at the lower level of the club. You’ll find him on the dance floor. They are at the side entrance, and you can lure them out with good coins.

Agent Davenport

Agent Davenport thinks he’s safe because he’s in the middle of the clubhouse, in the hall, with a bunch of other people around him. He will be surrounded by other people, but if you find a coin nearby, you can shoot him in the shadows.

Green Agent

Agent Green is the guard of the club, but he protects the outside, on the roof. We have to get in from the club. They want to be disguised as some sort of guard to slip past the other guards.

Agent Lowenthal

Agent Lowenthal is down at the clubhouse. You might find him disguised as a biker guarding the drug transport site. He patrols part of the building, and if you have the right timing, you can get him out by going over the bathroom sink and luring him in.

Representative Montgomery

Agent Montgomery sits on the floor above the dance floor, inside the projection bar. They’re disguised as guards. We recommend making a lot of noise, because Montgomery rarely gives you the chance to take them out.

Agent Rhodes

Agent Rhodes is disguised as a biker, but they’re at the top of the club. It’s in a restricted area where they collect a lot of drugs, so unless you’re dressed like a biker, it’ll be hard to get in,

Swan Agent

You’ll find Agent Swan in the lounge behind the reception desk of the clubhouse. If he approaches you, he will recognize you immediately and you can use this to your advantage. When he comes after you, take him to the river and drop him off to hide the body.

Agent Thames

You’ll find Agent Thames at the rear entrance. They are dressed as one of the club’s teams, so he will be wearing a face mask. You should be able to get them out quickly, given the situation.

Agent Tremaine

The last agent is easy to find, Agent Tremaine. You’re in a sniper’s nest from where you can dominate the entire area. It is located on the roof of the biker accommodation building. As long as you wear your motorcycle clothes, you can get there easily.

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