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Project Starship X Review (Nintendo Switch)

Game: Project Starship XGenre
: Action, ArcadeSystem:
Nintendo Switch (also PC, PS4 and Xbox).
Developer| Publisher: Panda Indie Studio |
eastasiasoftAge: EU 12+ | US TeenPrice
: UK £8.99 | EU €12.99 | US $12
.99Release date:
January 27, 2021.

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Laughing through the stars

Project Starship X is a vertically scrolling space shooter, comic book style, with lots of ridiculous action. It doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously, but is it still a fun video game on Switch? Let’s make our way through space to find out.

One of the most hilarious interpretations of Cthulhu… ….

There’s not much history in Project Starship X. At the start, you choose from four pilots, each accompanied by whimsical animation. From the door, you can tell that the game hopes to make you laugh. This humor extends to the game itself. In the center of the screen you see the action of the space shooter, and on the left and right sides of the screen are oversized graphics that your character reacts to as you run.

The game parodies a lot of different things as you go through the levels. Expect Cthulhu, originally a scary creature by H.P. Lovecraft, but now with a hat and sunglasses that sells you things between levels. There are also references to other video games, with one boss fight in particular clearly referencing the Super Mario series. Humor can work for some people, but all I got from me was a weird laugh. Sometimes the jokes seemed a little forced and unnecessary. The graphics were right on, everything looked very funny like in that brightly colored space adventure. The enemies are just as strange as the jokes about eyeballs with skulls in space.

There is also an absolutely brilliant soundtrack to the song “chip tune”. The music and sound effects of this game are very retro and fit well with the design.

Choose your player

Shooting and dodging

The gameplay is pretty standard for a space shooter. You scroll through randomly generated space levels, shoot at enemies, dodge hazards (which often give you a warning signal in advance), and there’s a big boss fight at the end. As you play, you can take power-ups to improve your performance, and health pick-ups keep you in the game longer. There is a lot happening on the screen, so it can be very difficult to keep up with it all. I found that acceptable in the single-player mode, but in the two-player co-op mode we are constantly switching ships and trying to keep up with each other’s levels.

Warning of impending danger

Learning from the game

The controls are simple. The game uses shooting and dodging. The former speaks for itself for a space shooter, while the latter offers something completely different. Dodging allows you to dodge bullets and danger, but you can also dodge enemies when a clue appears and destroy them at the same time. Although it works on paper, I had trouble determining where my ship would dodge. Sometimes when I tried to dodge a laser beam, I would just dodge the beam itself, making it less fluid than it could have been.

That sounds familiar.

I could understand the commands, but the game gives almost no instructions on how to play it. In fact, the game is happy with this, as the manual advises to just play the game to understand it. This works for some players, but for those who are new to the genre, or for those who just want to learn the directions for the keys, this inclusion may not be appreciated. In any case, the guide gives you tips on the characters and the different game modes you can unlock.

Not the best leadership

Your main motivation to replay the game is to get high scores. He is not just a space shooter. Expect to fail constantly and don’t know why. There are other game modes to unlock that are more difficult, as well as a boss mode. There is also an additional character to unlock. I think it’s a fun game to replay from time to time, but overall it doesn’t seem as solid or accessible as other space shooters.

The story of my life with GIT GUD video games.

To the stars

Project Starship X is a wild and crazy space shooting game that you can play by small keys. Sometimes you feel like you spent more time entertaining the game than making it more solid. Some people will get the joke, but if you lean on it too much, others certainly won’t.

If you are looking for a game that you can play in small touches with a few rough edges, Project Starship X will certainly provide you with an enjoyable and, hopefully, fun experience.

Final decision: I like him.

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