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Fix for uBlock Origin Twitch Problem | Block ads in Twitch | 2021

Without a doubt, uBlock Origin is one of the best online ad blockers. The best in his field for even blocking Twitch commercials. But lately, many users have been having problems with uBlock Origin Twitch. If you are reading this article, you also belong to the group of people who are facing a similar problem.

Twitch’s developers are constantly working to ensure that their ads cannot be blocked, so they update their algorithm regularly. With recent updates to Twitch, some users using uBlock have encountered an issue. But don’t worry, we at TechRim are here to help you block your Twitch ad and solve the original uBlock Twitch problem.

Today we present another solution to the uBlock Origin shake problem.

Why do we have a problem with Twitch?

As mentioned earlier, Twitch has been constantly updating its algorithm to combat ad blockers. With the new updates to Twitch, most ad blockers have stopped working. But don’t worry, we have a solution to your problem.

Fix the uBlock-shaking origin problem .

But the Twitch ads are so frustrating because they have no cooling. If you watch a full commercial and change channels, you’ll see another commercial. It is therefore preferable to block ads.

We are not sure if the method described below is right for you or not. (Due to frequent updates from Twitch) If you find some methods that do not work, comment below, we will replace this method with another one once.

We will try to update the methods regularly. So keep an eye on our blog. Follow these solutions for the uBlock Origin tweeting problem

Solution 1: AdBlocker Scripts Updated

Below are the updated scripts for uBlock Origin Twitch and TemperMonkey. All the scenarios below have been tested and work. If you find that any of the scenarios below do not work, please let us know. We delete this script and update it with the latest current script.

Before I list the scenarios, let me show you how to apply them.

How do I apply the uBlock Origin Twitch AdBlocker script?

Follow the instructions below to apply AdBlocker scripts in uBlock Origin twitch.

  1. Install the uBlock extension in Google Chrome or Firefox.
  2. After installing uBlock Origin, you can access the settings on the dashboard. To do this, click on the uBlocker icon and click on the speed control icon.Tremor of the uBlock origin
  3. When you are on the settings page, click on the My Filters tab, enter and save the following code.

uBlock Origin Twitch – My Filters.

  1. After entering the information under My Filters, go to Configuration and select I am a power user, then click on the gear that appears.uBlock Origin Twitch – Default Setting

  1. Change the value of userResourcesLocation from unset to one of the following scripts.Tremor of the uBlock origin
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the script. I recommend disabling the uBlock Origin extension (or restarting the browser).

How do you apply the TemperMonkey ad blocking script?

To install or use any of the scripts below in TemperMonkey, follow the steps below:

  1. Install an extension for your Chrome or Firefox
  2. After installing the extension, click on the TemperMonkey icon and select Create New ScenarioTemperamental Monkey.

  1. Then paste the scripts you can get from below and paste them.Storm Monkey Scenario

  1. Once you’ve downloaded the script. I recommend disabling the uBlock Origin extension (or restarting the browser).

Now that you know how to install a script in TemperMonkey and uBlocker, below is a list of scripts that work.

1st dynamic / dynamic pass

  • Inform Twitch that the announcement has been viewed before the main feed is requested.
  • If it fails, it will turn black again (use another solution if it still fails, as it causes extra workload).
  • Midroll announcements are muted or muted. For an alternative, see skip the salt on the microchip.

Script for uBlocker :


TemperMonkey’s scenario:

Click on this link to get the script.

You can also try other dynamic scripts by clicking on this link. All scenarios have worked since the publication of this scenario. I have listed below the characteristics of all the dynamic scenarios.


  • A mix of dynamic jumping / Dina. During midroll it plays a low resolution stream instead of nothing – it could be a minor bug, but it should always play something.
  • If you see a pending banner ad in the banner text with no midroll, you should be able to just refresh the page to get a steady stream.

dynamic video sharing

  • Announcements are replaced with a low resolution stream for the duration of the subscription.
  • Similar dynamics, but jumps closer to 20 seconds when switching to live feed.
  • You can see little bits of advertising.
  • The audio controls do not work during announcement playback.


  • Advertisement segments are replaced by low resolution stream segments (at m3u8 level).
  • Missed 2 to 3 seconds when switching to direct flow.
  • Stuttering and looping (during commercial segments) are common.
  • NOTE: Removing segments will not notify Twitch that an ad was viewed (i.e., more ads were shown).

2. low resolutions

  • No publicity.
  • The duration of the stream is 480p.

Script for uBlocker :


TemperMonkey’s scenario:

Click on this link to get the script.

3. black muti

  • Announcements are muted for the duration of the announcement.
  • You can see little bits of advertising.

Script for uBlocker :


TemperMonkey’s scenario:

Click on this link to get the script.

If you don’t want to install the third part of the scripts in your browser, the second solution will probably suit you.

Solution 2: Using a VPN

You may have thought that using a VPN would solve the uBlock Origin Twitch problem.

The answer is that the main purpose of using uBlock Origin is to block ads and display ad-free content.  In some countries, twitch-like ads are not visible. All we have to do is change our IP address to that of the place where no ads are displayed. And how can we change our intellectual property? Yes, with a VPN.

You can use different VPNs to change your IP address to a country where advertising is not displayed.

At the time of publishing this article, there are no Twitch-like ads in Serbia yet. Try outside, for example B. in Costa Rica, and wait a few minutes. If you haven’t seen the ads yet, have fun surfing, otherwise change countries and try it.

Solution 3: Use of alternative sites

There are many alternatives to observing the quake live. You don’t have to open to see it live. Some good alternatives to Twitch:


Both sites are great and include all live news feeds. Take advantage of a live change from another third-party site.

Solution 4: Choose another platform

Twitch is not the only platform that supports live streaming for games. There are many other platforms to choose from.

The most popular are the games on YouTube and Facebook, where the uBlock extension should still work and block all ads.

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