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All information about the first raid in Castle Nathria

Again, you can play multiple raids in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. It all starts with Castle Natria, the castle of Lord Denatria, a rogue who defeats his sword. We clarify all the important questions about the raid.

When does the Raid of Shadows open Natria’s castle?

The castle of Natria opened its doors for the first time on December 9 on the normal and heroic difficulty levels. A week later it was already possible to conquer the castle in mythical form, and since February 3 all the wings of the castle are available in the raid navigator.

Where is the entrance to Natria’s castle?

The castle is in Revendret, the headquarters of the Vampire Pact. The huge Gothic castle can be seen from afar and is clearly visible on the map. The entrance to the raid is on the west side of the castle. The closest raid point to the entrance is north of the castle, at the Keep of the Masters. We have marked these two points on the map for you:


What level of items do I need for the heist?

To enter Castle Natria with the dungeon browser, you must have an iLvl of at least 170 . If you are participating in a raid with a fixed group, you theoretically do not need to pass this barrier. However, an equipment level of around 170 is also recommended for fixed groups if you want to raid.

What are the expected patterns on the first trip through the Shadowlands?

A total of ten bosses await you for the entire raid. From the blind bat to the trusty old count Denatria. Which bosses are involved in the following list. Because, as we said, you’ve met an old friend, we’ve hidden the information behind a little warning spoiler:

Warning: the following section contains spoilers

What kind of loot can I get in Natria’s castle?

On your first foray into the Shadowlands, you can buy a variety of equipment. However, the bosses don’t drop their weapons. Your contract contains “weapon tokens” that you can exchange for weapons. In addition to armor and weapons, raid bosses also drop souvenirs for rune masonry. You need them to forge legendary items.

In addition, you get the “Mount Bulwark Screecher” for completing a series of ten raids. These are the following quests (beware, spoilers!):

Warning: the following section contains spoilers

YouTuber LeystTV shows in his compilation what the different sets of armor look like :

What is the level of articulation of the raid equipment?

Depending on the difficulty level you master during the raid, you will get different equipment levels. The equipment levels of the first eight bosses are the same, while the last two bosses have slightly better equipment. We have summarized all the statistics for you in a table:


What about the thefts?

Again, we give you a spoiler warning. If you haven’t played Raid of Shadowlands yet, you can skip the paragraphs if you want to get an idea of the story for yourself.

Anyone who has followed the history of WoW Shadowlands so far knows that you even begin your journey in Revendreth on the side of Denatry, whom you consider to be one of the good guys. At some point, halfway through, you discover that Mr. Venthyr is making mean business with the jailer, which leads you to your alliance with the rebels.

Then you will search for the traitor Denatrius in his castle Natria and fight him after you betray all his servants and the Court of the Twelve. In the final battle, you will fight Denatrius and his magic sword Remornius, who also saves him from destruction at the end.

You take the sword with the Denafrius and hand it to General Dravin and Z’rali:

Denatrius, bound by the sword, is locked in a cage of light where he suffers torments but does not die. There is a chance that he will return if the prisoner takes Remornia and frees Denatrius from his double prison. The next WoW patches will reveal if that is the case.

Frequently asked questions

What was the first trip to the Shadowlands?

Castle Nathria is the first step in the Shadowlands, which begins December 8 (US)/9 (EU), and features 10 new bosses, ending with a fight against Sir Denatria.

Is it difficult at Natria’s castle?

This review is based on a full version of the normal difficulty, a nearly full version of the heroic difficulty, a quest for wings on the raid difficulty, and a mythic pattern …

Who got Natria’s first castle?

The difficulty limit to win the World of Warcraft race on the first Castle Nathria. Back-to-back. It didn’t happen without a fight, but today, after just one week, Complexity Limit killed the mythical Sir Denatria to win the World of Warcraft race and take first place at Castle Nathria.

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