Tuesday, June 18

Illicit Empire Building Sim Definitely Not Fried Chicken Announced

The publisher has teamed up with games and developer Dope Games to unveil its new simulator that is definitely not fried chicken. Definitely Not Fried Chicken will be released on Steam later this year and is the drug empire’s latest game in strategy and simulation. A new trailer has also been aired, so check out the list below before diving into the details:

Definitely not fried chicken is a business management simulator with a variant in which you develop your drug empire by setting up legitimate fronts and managing both sides of the business. Your legal clients come in through the front door, and your big clients come in through the back door. By starting a business and growing it, you can also take over other businesses, expand your customer base and eventually develop better medicines, make lots of money and take control of the city.

Set in the 1980s, the game puts your entrepreneurial skills to the test as you build a pharmaceutical product from the ground up. If you continue to develop your business, you can buy adjacent properties and expand. You can also design and plan your entire production chain and define distribution channels. To make sure no one disturbs you, you should also strengthen your connection defenses and make sure no one can get in.

To make your product even better, you can research and develop the best types of drugs in the game, such as marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine. Once the drugs are done, you need a place to sell them, and that’s where your legitimate business front comes in. These legitimate businesses are the perfect cover for your drug empire if you run a roast chicken shop or if you diversify into other businesses based on your location and the tastes of the people who live there.

The game also adds many other simulation mechanisms, such as dealing with your staff. Even if you pay them the minimum wage, you need to keep them happy by giving them at least the basic necessities like a toilet, a place to eat, a place to rest and more. Keeping them happy is essential to keeping your business running. Safety equipment also ensures the safety of your employees, which ultimately leads to the safety of your business.

Some of the main characteristics of chicken that is definitely not fried:

  • Narcotics have nothing against you – build your drug empire, distribute marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and other commodities.
  • Balance – Delicate work – Balancing the complexities of managing your illegal drug business and your legal business.
  • You have to stand out to do good business. – Create and customize your medical and business facade.
  • Better work environment, better products – Modernize employee facilities and equipment to produce a better product and make more profit.
  • Everywhere is a good place to display your wares – Design your empire, from fried chicken shops to laundromats to nightclubs.
  • Happy employees are productive employees – Manage your employees, hire and fire them, adapt to their wants and needs to do a good job.

The Steam page is now online for the game, and you can add it to your wishlist. There’s no question that there will be no roast chicken via Steam on PC in 2021.

Let us know in the comments below if you want to play Definitely Not Fried Chicken when it comes out or not.

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