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Genshin Impact Blue Creature Photo: How to Get a Blue Creature Photo?

The Five Flushes of Fortune event is all about photography, and we are now at day two. today you should receive a blue creature photo from the Genshin Impact. If you want to know how to get the blue creature photo from the Genshin Impact, keep scrolling through this article.

Genshin Impact Blue Creature Photo

The second day of the miHOYO photo event has arrived, and today you have to take a picture of the blue creature on Genshin Impact. By the way, if you don’t know what the Kurious camera is, you can read this tutorial.

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Before you get started on the guide, remember that the Five Flushes of Fortune event here lasts only 10 days, but the Kurious Camera event lasts only 7 days, and you need to make sure you come back every day to find the next objective that will allow you to maximize your rewards.

To begin this quest, you must have at least rank 20 and speak with Ji Tong in Liyu Harbor. If you meet all the requirements and qualify for this event, then we can begin. You must search for the blue creature just as you searched for the red creatures yesterday.

Instead of looking for blue creatures, you can also look for Hydro and Cryo life forms, and they can be found all over the island on Genshin Impact. Basically, you can find these blue creatures in the Dragon Bone area of Genshin Impact, but you can also find them on the beach northeast of Liyue Harbour. You can easily find cryo and hydrolamp there, and they are among the blue creatures in the Five Lucky Strands event.

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But when we talk about other different options, you should know that there are many different options you can choose from instead of looking for cryo and hydro. You can also take pictures of Genshin Impact blue creatures like Oceanids, Hilichurl, Abyss Mage, Samachurl, and finally, if you don’t want any of them, then Cryo and Hydro are the last options to get a picture of a blue creature.

So, once you have decided which creature you want to photograph, you need to take the next step by bringing out the Kurious Camera. You can easily equip the Kurious Camera on the Gadget Inventory tab. Once you have equipped your camera, you need to aim at the blue creature you have chosen to take the picture.

When you point the disc at a blue creature, you don’t have to type anything into the camera, because it automatically takes a picture. The Kurious camera automatically takes a picture if it counts, and if not, you have to look for another blue creature in Genshin Impact. You have to keep looking for different creatures and shoot them until you use up the daily shooting limit. You can only take 10 shots per day.

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Conclusion: picture of the blue creature of Genshin Impact

First, find a blue creature, it could be Cryo or Hydro, located northeast of Liyu Harbor. Use Kuriou’s camera and aim at the creature. If the blue creature is suitable for a picture, the camera will automatically take a picture. here is how to get a picture of the blue creature from the Genshin Impact.

We hope you enjoy our approach to creating the “Blue Creature Picture of Genshin Impact: How to get a blue creature picture of Genshin Impact”.

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