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Optimized Bounties For 2021/1/31 – Destiny 2 Games Guide

Reindeer Quiz: If you live in the Czech Republic, you should be aware that there may be an armed and dangerous deer nearby. Last November, a hunting dog chased away a buck in the neighborhood and attacked the hunter. During the fight, the .22-caliber Hornet rifle on the hunter’s shoulder became entangled in the deer’s antlers and he escaped with the weapon.

Step 1 – Play the most dangerous game.

Step 2 – Take the following dailies. You can find the weeklies here. Don’t forget that you can use the application!

Tower bonuses:

  • Zavala Daily – Vanguardian – 50 enemies killed in attacks
  • Zavala Daily – Controlled Destruction – 10 grenade launchers in attacks
  • Zavala Daily – Rocket for promotion – 10 rockets kill in attacks
  • Zavala Daily – Into the abyss – 25 limbs killed in strike
  • Shaxx Daily – Kill 10 enemies in a crucible
  • Daily Shucks – High Energy – 5 Energy Weapons Kill in the Crucible
  • Daily – Into the Light – 1 Super Kill in the Crucible
  • Daily – One at a time – Win a series of practice matches
  • Banshee Dailies – Automatic Rifle, Special Grenade Launcher, Heavy Grenade Launcher, Hollow Weapon Calibration

The planets:

  • Raven – defeated with primary ammo, special ammo, powerful weapons and null abilities.
  • Eris Morn – Filamentarium, My Dear Spirit – Collecting 5 helium filaments on the moon.
  • Eris Morn – Lunar Strike – Kill 50 enemies on the moon without dying.
  • Eris Morne – Dissolution Spray – 15 dead from the moon’s rapid-fire
  • Eris Morne – End of Ritual – Kill 7 beehives with finishers on the Moon
  • Shaw Khan – Showstopper – 3 Super Kills in Spaceport
  • Sho Han – Bring Your Toolbox – 10 Skills Killed in the Cosmodrome
  • Sho Han – Specialties – 10 energy weapons kill in the spaceport

Step 3 – Follow these steps :

  1. Fly to Tangle Hill and get the Raven’s Bounty.
  2. Fly to the cosmodrome, take Shaw’s bounty, then launch Opal’s attack. Use the Void subclass, the Void automatic rifle and the GL and heavy launcher. Start with one and press it at the beginning of the battle, and when you earn it, continue with more. (15 minutes)
  3. Play a showdown match and, if necessary, another Le Creuset match of your choice. (10-20 minutes)
  4. Vlieg naar de MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON, pak Eris’ bounty, en dood dan met de Fusion Rifle in de Altars of Doom. Then put the Resource Detector mod in your Ghost and get the scoop on the Philaments. (10 minutes)

Total premium amount: 23 dailies

Total time: 35 to 45 minutes

The bonus in a minute: .575


  • 138 000 XP (unchanged)
  • 12,000 XP for the week
  • 20 Vanguard coins, weekly 4/8 Vanguard challenge
  • 20 crucible tokens, 4/8 weekly crucible challenge.
  • Modernize 4 cores
  • 8 Luxury components
  • 20 strands of helium
  • 15 Metal in rotation

The season starts in an hour: 2.07

Source : Original link

  • Heading optimized for 2021/1/23.

Reindeer Quiz: In 1927, there were approximately 27,000 deer in Virginia. In 2017, that’s more than a million. This is largely due to the fact that urban development drives away deer (as well as bear and mountain lion), whereas deer are better adapted. Step 1 – Zootopia. Step 2 – Take the following steps…

  • Tariff optimised for 2021/1/7

Reindeer Quiz: Deer are neophobic (have an extreme and irrational fear of novelty). Step 1 – Replace your deer’s freshly brewed coffee with Folger crystals. Let’s see if they notice. Step 2 – Take the following dailies. You can find the weeklies here. Don’t forget that you can use the application! Tower bonuses: Zavala Daily – From …

  • Optimised premiums for 2021/1/30

Reindeer Quiz: Currently 30 reindeer species are listed as near threatened on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. 4 species – endangered 16 species – endangered 6 species – endangered 2 species – endangered 1 species – endangered

Post optimized bonuses for 2021/1/31 for the game Destiny 2.

Top 10 most anticipated video games of 2020

2020 will satisfy both classic and modern players. To be included in the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a compelling reason to release it in that year. Upcoming games that are only announced and do not have a major release date are therefore not eligible.

Top 15 new games for 2020 [PART I]

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The First Legion has a powerful Dark Angel tactic. Get the new Codex Space Marines application for working with marines in Warhammer 40K 9th Edition. This chapter of Loyalist presents unique pieces not yet included in this edition. Rivalry with Space Wolves Some will call No Contest because the Dark Angels’ tactics are good.

Dark Angels Tactics – Tangle
In this section, you will see tactical ways to use each of the tangle elements in the Dark Angels Codex Supplement. Some of these are particularly powerful and could become a FAQ topic in the future. When the FAQ comes out, we will update this article to let you know that the Dark Angel’s tactics apply.

Battle Tactics
The Wrath of the Lion – 2CP

This trick can sometimes be used, but it will not be the deciding factor in your success. It is best used when working on attack theory. Bring units into play with more melee attacks, such as Death Knights or Storm Processors. This is best suited for models/units with high quality armor, but without invulnerable protection.

Tactics of the Dark Angels – The Wrath of the Lion Undeniable – Cost : 2CP

This trick is incredible for Plasma Inceptors, Temptors, or any unit with explosive weapons. Take a Redemptor battleship with a macro-plasma incinerator and attack enemy units, knowing you will survive the next phase of fire. Since they can be equipped with up to three explosive weapons, they are ideal for this tactic.

Murderous assault. – Cost: 1CP

I like Terminators of Death with Storm Bolts for this nastiness. Beam them in a rapid-fire blast to make the most of it. Since they get four shots per model, the number of winding rolls will increase significantly.

Full throttle. – Cost : 1CP/2CP

You better use it for the Ravens’ team. Use it to move to different areas of the board or to move a block of dangerous material, such as the Terror Keeper. I prefer to use him in a unit of five models or less to save team points.

Unbreakable line. – Cost: 1CP

It’s very good against large units. A good example is the fight against a horde of Orc fighters. Use it when charging a large device. You won’t be able to stack enough models in the base contact to really hurt your units.

High Speed Focus
– Cost : 1CP

Raven’s Talon Master can be a key unit on the table for the Dark Angel’s power. The biggest disadvantage is the durability. Thanks to this trick, the durability is increased tenfold compared to long-range weapons on which this device can normally fall if it is unsuitable and unprotected.

No leg to submit to the big – cost: 2CP

Equip your knights of death with a mass of the absolute. Monstrous units like the Great Demons are more and more visible in the meta. So you can get the job done by fighting these masses.

Command interrogation structures – costs : 1CP

A common thing all Marines love. Allows you to upgrade a sergeant’s weapon, even if they are not a Dark Angel infantry character. Depending on your strategy and what makes the most sense for your power, the right relic in the right hands can go a long way!

Chapter Paragon – Costs : 1CP

Giving a nameless character two warlords (like your warlord) is a huge gift! Take two warlord properties, like. B. Calibanite Knight and Honor of the First Legion, which are complementary. This allows you to fill in gaps in your army and make choices that suit your play style.

Honored rock – cost : 1CP

Give the successor to the Dark Angel the chance to use the relics of this supplement or the Codex: Space Marines. This is a very viable option for a follow-up chapter because these options are so strong.

Strategic subtletiesTactical assessment – Costs : 1CP

This trick can certainly be used in any game, even multiple times per game. The ability to change or modify your combat doctrine at any time is an extremely powerful and versatile option that could have a lot of use. Even if they fire intercessors, adding extra APs to their weapons can really increase their potential and destroy all the targets they fire at.

Hunting. Cost: 2CP/3CP

Preferably to be used with a unit of voracious Black Knights. Whether used with a smaller or larger unit, this capacity is extensive. The cross is in the ninth. Super strong edition. This allows you to apply early pressure and strengthen the board’s presence.

Objectives Guide – Costs : 2CP

Spires look even better with this ability. Increased effectiveness of all shots in all directions at the unit being destroyed. Some heavy weapons that suffer heavy losses have trouble hitting their targets, that’s where this trick comes in handy.

Strike quickly – cost: 2CP/3CP

It’s clearly the best trick in the book. The great Ravens Black Knights squad is able to hit and run like never before. Equip this unit with deadly weapons to strike hard, then pull the parachute before your opponent fires back.

Secret Diary – Costs : 1CP

I really like this ability and it is very unique. Choosing side missions is sometimes a challenge. Now it’s even harder, because your opponent won’t recognize one of them until it’s too late, at least for him!

Wargear’s Stratagems
Stasis Shell – Cost : 2CP

The Astarte grenade launcher becomes extremely useful with this kind of ruse. The ability to immobilize dangerous fire units or defend key units by keeping the enemy in the fight can be very important. If you can mark a Basilisk with a Raven Bicycle unit, it not only ensures that the unit cannot fire, but also that you cannot be shot at by all those other tanks around you.

Dark Ages Weapons – Cost : 2CP

A block of Plasma Inceptors or Plasma Shredder Dreadnoughts can become even stronger with its damage. These are two of the best devices you can use it with. Units become capable of undoing damage, such as the latest Death Guardian Codex. Not only does it work against you, but it gives you a huge advantage over other armies.

Dark Angel Tactics Warlord Tactics
This section presents Dark Angel tactics for each warlord trait in the Dark Angel Codex Appendix. This will help you get the right synergy depending on the warlord you want to include in your army.

A brilliant strategist

It is ideal for your most destructive fires, such as eradicators or plasma acceptors. The ability to adapt your doctrine is extremely important when trying to withdraw units. Additional bonuses can greatly increase destructive firepower.

The anger of the lion

This works best for any Beatstep character, such as. B. Master Deathstroke. This makes it easier for the character to wound larger targets. High reliability is the key when it comes to taking out your toughest opponents.

Calibanite Knight

Preferably on the Captain with the relic of the Teeth of Terra. You need a character with a range of attacks to get the most out of them. This captain automatically becomes a Horde Hunter with this Relic and Warlord trait.


It’s great for the Ravens’ claw. This allows them to continue fighting before they can’t or stop regrouping with other key units. It’s harder to kill a Talonmaster at first, so it’s essential that every element of his utility be taken into account.

Determined tactician.

Slow units really benefit from this, for example. B. Knights of the Dead/Derminators. Movement bonuses are crucial in the new 40k revision. The Blood Angels have this system, and now your Dark Angel has a similar system at his disposal.

The Honor of the First Legion

It’s really great on Captain Smash. Heroic intervention is very important when it comes to protecting targets or handling magazines. One of the main reasons for its quality is that it makes your opponent think. A captain with that kind of mobility in the counter phase is deadly.

Raven’s Traits
The Raven’s Traits appear in large numbers in Warhammer 40k 9th Edition. Here we have described their specific warlord traits, with various combos and tactics to use them.

Lightning fast reaction

Use this on the Talonmaster Ravens. Built-in modifiers are essential to extend the life of this device. Talonmasters are robust units that really benefit from this kind of extra work. Units that can hit characters have difficulty hitting and injuring that character during combat.

The artist in action

My favorite way to use this gift is with Sammael. The ability to never rest on its laurels is crucial to this plant. With dangerous weapons in shooting and firefights, you need it active at all times. This allows you to bind squadrons and threaten them at every turn.

The Death Traits
are a must for Dark Angel players in Warhammer 40k 9th Edition. The warlord traits presented here fit very well with the rest of the Dark Angels’ tactics described in this article for Deathwing.


That’s my favorite Warlord feature in this app. The failure of crucial forces at the right time can literally change the game. Some armies, such as the Grey Knights and the Thousand Sons, rely heavily on forces to succeed at the right time. This capability allows you to deny critical warp time or an infinite port at your command.


I like Belial best. He is an important figure in your army, and damage control is crucial to his survival. Because it is equipped with the Sword of Silence, you must play it aggressively.

Discipline of the Dark Angels Interromance
Read this section to see the insane power Dark Angels librarians possess in Warhammer 40k 9th Edition. Some of the Dark Angels’ tactics with psychic disciplines are broken. Read on and you’ll see why.

Spirit Worm – Toilet(6)

It’s best to use it before attacking a deadly unit. This skill prevents your opponent from interrupting the fight. I loaded some of my own units onto the hard drive after launch.

Version – Toilet(6)

It’s best to use it to threaten an opponent in melee. This can reduce their efficiency by half. It’s also better to know that a dangerous unit is preparing to attack your unit on your next turn.

A Fair Call – Toilet(7)

It’s my favorite power that works on death knights. It is a skill that allows for maximum impact and injury effectiveness. The best part is that you can use this power on them while the Chapter Master puts another unit in the same rotation.

Interruption – Power of the first load
– WC(5)

It’s great to have psychiatrists in your army. The Head Librarian can use this extra power in case of fatal injury. This is preferable when dealing with units that are difficult to destroy. The C’Tans are hard to take out, and this gives you a good chance to kill them all at once.

Anxiety – toilet(7)

Undoubtedly one of the most powerful abilities in the game against any army. This service is an automatic activation. Such skills are rare, and the denial of the Target Defended/Main Action skill is incredible. If you move the Plea Carrier to a place occupied by thirty Orc hunters, you can now deny them points.

Mind wipe – Toilet(7)

Many devices rely on auras. Auras cause the enemy to take various damage, such as to important units. B. Raven’s Bikes. If an enemy unit fails against the Raven Knights, you can remove the ability to use this aura. Reducing the effectiveness of an enemy increases the survival rate of your units.

Tactics of the dark angel for the mask of the relic discharge

I prefer the Death Knight, the Master Knight. Allows your sergeant to go to the next level with incredible damage against the Astartes’ heretics. It’s more of a meta-appeal decision.

Souvenir vase

This is an automatic activation for the Ancient Star Maker. That relic alone is a good reason to add this Ancient to your army. Pick a Death Knight unit on the front lines to exploit this relic and literally do a lot of damage.

Heroes Cover

It’s not the strongest option you have. It’s usually a secondary or tertiary choice if you really feel the need to make the character harder to hit. The advantage of this relic is that you benefit from both distance and melee attacks.

Zone zero may disappoint you, but not this relic:
The penitent relic

This relic is big with the Raven biker. Preferably on Raven’s Ancient. This old device will probably already be included in your utility payment. This relic, in addition to his innate skills, makes him an important unit on your list. Stand in front of your opponent’s most dangerous units and destroy them, for example. B. Primary or invulnerable rescue units, with ease.


He doesn’t belong in your army. It’s only a good piece of technology if you put it on the Terminator Sergeant with the Storm Bolter.

The invisible eye

This can be seen in a solid game when creating a character hunter. A captain with lightning or relics may even be more likely to kill characters, giving him almost two combat chances in a row. It also prevents your opponent from striking first when attacking, which is excellent for preventing enemies from ganging up on your units.

The Cup of Revenge

It’s great on an interrogator chaplain. This can literally turn your heavy units like DeathWing Knights or Sword Guards into battle monsters. Use it at a time when you need that extra volume for maximum performance.

Dark Angel Tactics for Special Vessels
This section contains a tactical breakdown for all special vessels in the Dark Angel Code Supplement. Read this so you can use the different tactics of the Dark Angels.

an unbending jacket

It is better to leave a captain or an important person of the mill alive. The extra layer of durability is useful, but not necessary in most cases. It might be better for a character that doesn’t have an invulnerable backup, like. B. Lieutenant Primaris.

The sovereign armor

This relic isn’t really necessary since most of your characters are in Terminator armor. As a result, they already have a worldwide fan base. Essentially, this is best suited for a character without an invulnerable storage device, such as. For example, a standard Lieutenant or an Old Standard.

A masterful weapon.

Maybe taking a captain with a lightning bolt or a fist wouldn’t be a bad option. The extra damage can make a big difference, especially if you take the new and improved death guard with a built-in property damage of minus 1.

Digital Weapon

It’s not the biggest relic and it’s very situational. I don’t recommend using this legacy because the stains are already very stubborn when you bring it home. It’s certainly a difficult exception, even for a result of extra-lethal injury.

Heavenly Angels, a unique barge, special edition

That’s what I like about Voronov’s chopper. Vehicles don’t usually take family heirlooms, and this is a fantastic exception. The Talonmaster’s sword upgrade to this weapon is very useful for elite infantry. It also increases efficiency by volume, strength, shield penetration and damage.

The arbitrator’s opinion

It’s really great on the Ravens’ Talonmaster. A really great relic to have the most efficient observation unit. Ignoring modifiers is always a good thing, and it’s best to fire at units with built-in modifiers or Aeldari factions that are hard to hit.


The Captain’s plasma cannon is an excellent option. The improvement in this ability is really impressive when shooting elite infantry. Best of all, you can’t lose your model, like when reloading a plasma weapon. Shooting at Gravis Marines armored personnel carriers and other elite units.

Site bolt

The best is on the Ravens’ Talonmaster. A heavy duty double latch is ideal for units with more models, but this legacy gives you this option over other units. This works best on upper wound patterns, especially if they have good armor.

Dark Angel Tactics – Chapter Approved Rules
In Warhammer 40k 9th Edition, scoring victory points is the name of the game. In this section, you will find tactics for each chapter of the Chapter Approved Rules in the Dark Angels Codex Supplement to help you score points at the second level.

Purge the enemy: Military prohibition

Clear the Enemy has several complex options, depending on the game. This is a good alternative because you want to progress by destroying units. To get the most out of this secondary, you need to get the Inner Circle and Death units involved. The biggest key to taking all these points is using a hard unit that is hard to remove once it has made a character kill.

No mercy, no rest: Dead in the Wind

It is necessary if you take the heavy army of the Ravens. Crow models always want to go full speed. Move at full speed and destroy the easiest targets to consistently score points each turn.

Excellence on the battlefield: Persistent resistance

No matter what kind of army you make, this secondary is a must. You get at least ten points. and the death squads get an objective. Their sustainability is key to getting the best score out of this secondary.

Dark Angel Tactics – Passport Data
If you want to command a strong Dark Angel army, you need to know how to use the different units correctly. Read this section for Dark Angels tactics for each unit in the Dark Angels Codex supplement.

Tactics of the Dark Angel that characterize every unit in the Codex Annex.


I love Azrael as the leader of the army of the dead. It is capable of advancing at the same speed as the rest of the unit. He’s perfect for buffing up your deadliest units with his leadership skills. Just turn it on to get extra resources and some features.


Essentially a subchapter master. Azrael and Belial do not need to be included in your forces. It can be both. Azrael is more amateur and Belial more martial artist.


If you take an army of heavy ravens, you have to include Sammael. He supports all surrounding units and is both supervisor and captain. It is highly mobile, which is essential for getting to where you need it at the right time. It’s best to use him as a bully in the late game to clear areas or retake objectives.


it’s clearly the best psyche for the dark angels. As head librarian, he can play and deny multiple powers. Ezekiel, endowed with great new powers of psychic discipline, is automatically added to the possession of the innate power to cast spells.


Asmodai is a solid character to include in his performance. When he needs a chaplain, he does exactly what a priest should do. Take Asmodai as a combat support character thanks to his special ability Example of Hate. In battle he is solid, striking several times with his crocodile and once with his spirit sword.

The first in the inner circle:

Lazarus is without a doubt a unit that should be represented in your Death Force. The skill Ruthless Will is very useful if you need to keep retreating and get involved in dangerous fights. His best asset against armies that produce tons of deadly wounds is his ability as a Phantom Helmet. It’s super powerful to protect all surrounding units when facing a heavy army of Psychics or Necron C’Tans spewing out an absurd number of lethal wounds.


I don’t think an interrogation chaplain is necessary. Because Asmoday is affordable, it is the best option in many ways. This chaplain works best when he gets a jump bag and a family heirloom, the Retribution Bowl. This creates a fast character with the ability to crush units when attacking an enemy unit.

Voronov Coupon

This is a prerequisite for a raven-based performance. Talonmaster provides high-speed support for Raven’s aircraft. Increasing your effectiveness as an active lieutenant is essential for your army with distance attacks and melee attacks. Use it as a unit at the end of a game that can benefit from speed thanks to its robustness.

The master of murderous espionage.

This character is best if you want to use a heavy destructive power. He’s not the most sought after of all the other available characters. With the keyword Inner Circle, it is strong and best used in the heat of battle between your own ranks.

Questioning chaplain (in Terminator armor).

Looks a lot like an interrogator, but with Terminator armor. You can give it the exact same amateurs, but it’s better suited in a heavy Deathwatch army. His speed allows him to follow the rest of the team while buffeting the other Terminator units in midfield to recharge.

Dark Angel Tactics for Elite Units
Death Pharmacy

The apothecary has become a basic element in all Space Navy armies. This is not an exception and should be taken into account. Better yet, he should be promoted to chief pharmacist with the distinction of being an altruistic healer. This is the best in your range of particular units for greater durability. The best part of the game is to heal flat models with three wounds twice a turn and bring whole death knights back to life when they lose.

The Master of Deathmatch

There is no need for a deadly champion when elite positions are so coveted. The main reason to take this elite character when added to a team and more for flavor. They are used to scare more important people with the capacity for honor or death.

Terminator Squad.

This group is really overshadowed by the Death Knights. The best feature is the versatility of weapon options. Take a team of 5 finishers with all storm bolts. Bring her into the fight with a low kick and use the Death Wing Attack trick. This increases efficiency and is best used to clean almost all light screens in the game.

The knights of death

It is the best infantry unit in the supplement. They are super sturdy with an inner bosom and a hood. They’re one-dimensional, but carry targets so far beyond your area of operation. Remove this module if the captains twist it and have a medicine cabinet within three inches. They are the most durable devices on the market and can be removed from any army.

Death Watch Commando Unit

This division is more viable than ever. It’s best to think of them as a team of two. With them you can perform actions, step aside for free and accomplish many tasks. They are also effective and protect the characters thanks to the bodyguard rule. As terminators, they are robust and it’s best to keep them cheap with a stop bolt and a power fist.

Voronov Pharmacy

If you take an army of heavy crows, you should take this unit. Pharmacists can really make a big difference in resuscitating and protecting the models in the game. Promote the rank of Chief Pharmacist to revive the lost model for free each turn. Being part of a heavy motor army, he tracks each unit and can be in the right place at the right time.

Rowing Champion

It is not the most important device. They are best used for their ability to act heroically. They can prevent an opponent from attacking if they know they can intervene. It is therefore preferable to place them in an area where they can jump from a distance of 15 cm. Equipped with a powerful master sword, he is very good at shredding infantry and two wounded models.

The old sparrow.

Ancient Sparrow is not the most useful unit at your disposal. Even though he’s hard to kill, there are better ways to spend your points. If you operate it, it will be used in a very central location for multiple cycling sessions. It’s to make use of his Astarte Banner ability.

Don’t forget the Shrine of the Penitent Black Knights

The main reason, the unity of the 2. The company to occupy is that of the many black crows. You get the power of objective certainty. Your warlord in the cavalry platoon gives you three points of command. It is a robust overall design that can threaten armies with speed and precision. These bikes are versatile for shooting and fighting. They are best used to capture infantry, supported by Crusaders or Slayers, to attack larger targets.

Shroud of Voronino

Darkscourt is more viable than ever. it ensures the sustainability of the surrounding Dark Angel units. The added layers really help the death knights make their way to the top of the painting. This aircraft is best suited to support several other aircraft while being a robust weapons platform. Shoot light infantry and clear screens to hit juicy targets.

Crowland Speeder Vengeance

I really think this device is a very reliable option. He has a solid speed that goes well with the rest of Raven’s performance. Better to use it as a mobile platform to unleash a plasma storm. Besides shooting large plasma targets, it is good for shooting light infantry and cleaning screens with other weapons.

Black Angel Tactics for
Dark Talon Ravens Pilots

pilots are not really needed by the dark angels. The best way to use the Dark Talon is to drop the stasis bomb early and fire the breach cannon at the same team to get twelve fatal wounds. The fission cannon is ideal for shooting down more robust units with a better value of invulnerable protection, as lethal wounds are inflicted regardless of the value of their armor.

Nephilim jet

Overall, this is the best option to ensure consistency. Equipped with multiple weapons, it can easily breach shields and even protect elite infantry. Fire units at targets that are difficult for the rest of your army to hit. His best feature is that he moves less than fifty inches while being hard to hit like a plane.

How to get more free tactics and tips over the 40,000!
If you have any questions or want to discuss the Dark Angels’ tactics with us again, join our Facebook group Game Talk for Gamers! You can discuss with us and all tactical writers by clicking the link below and joining our group!

Click here to join our Facebook group

We also have a free 40k guide with tactics and tips on how to play Warhammer 40k, draw, make miniatures and even save on 40k accessories!

Click here to download the full pdf for free!

Frequently asked questions
Can the Dark Angels use the lightning cannon?
The Space Marines of the Codex are the only Space Marines army that contains a Thunderbolt cannon (they are called Vanilla Marines). Anyone with a Codex (Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Dark Angels or Black Templars) cannot take them at the moment.

Are pioneers entitled to JINK?
And the sinister rejection applies to all units of the Dark Angel. As a result, passersby are scared.

Could the Dark Angels be using a cosmic sailor trick?
If your warlord is space infantry (it can be your secondary unit) and he hasn’t moved, you can use this trick in the Fire phase instead of forcing him to fire a weapon.

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