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Best Water Starters From All Pokémon Games (Ranked) –

When a Pokémon journey begins, you have only one choice: Grass, fire or water.

This is the most important decision you’ll ever have to make in Pokémon.

Your starter is your best friend. Your number one. They start with you and will likely accompany you until the end of the game.

So, if you’re a water lover, what’s your best choice of aperitif?

And not only that: Which one is the most effective in terms of competition? Let’s find out!

8. Oshamott/Samurott

Samurott may be by far the worst Water Starter, but it’s certainly not a bad Pokémon.

He has good offensive stats and volume, but is disappointed with his average speed. It’s slow enough to be completely destroyed by most types of electricity, and just too fast to use the trick space competitively.

However, Smaurotta has an excellent pool of riders capable of mixing offensive statistics.

Among the highlights he can learn are the hydraulic pump, the ice jet, the water jet, the mega horn and the grass knot.

The only thing that really disappoints me about the Samurot is the design.

From the beautiful Oshavot to the cool Duvot. This shows us entering samurai territory, but instead we get a seal with a helmet and a beard. I wish Samurott was only Heihachi.

7. Red/Telephone

I was surprised when Drizyl became Inteleon.

I was expecting a more punk rock look, but instead we got an incredibly skinny James Bond. But Inteleon is the definition of a glass cannon:

Very fast, very high special attack, everything else is pretty low.

But what really sets Inteleon apart is its capabilities: Sniper.

The result is that each full hit does 2.5 times more damage instead of twice as much.

Combine this with Inteleon’s signature sniper fire, visor element and focusing energy, and you’re guaranteed to get a critical hit on every shot.

This makes the Snipe Shot a guaranteed base performance of 280!

Inteleon is big in the game and weak with only one Gym Leader, but it disappoints with its lack of variety.

That’s all you’re going to do, and if your opponent has anything faster than that, it’s done. But a whole number is still a good way to ensure that your opponents in the game are shuffled and not shuffled.

6. Peepleup/Empoleon

The Empoleon has excellent water and steel typography.

Combined with special protection, this makes it a fantastic utility for Pokémon. In battle, the Empoleon can place invisibility stones, chase away dangers, scream at fleeing enemies, and paralyze opponents with poisons.

Also, Empoleon has a great special attack….

And Empoleon is the perfect user of Scald, a powerful water attack that also has a chance to burn the opponent.

So why isn’t Empoleon higher on the list? Well, Empoleon isn’t much of a gambler. That’s low for three gyms. And the two members of Elite 4 against whom she should be strong are just as strong against Empoleon!

Bertha’s entire team can take down Empoleon if he doesn’t take them down first, and Flint’s Inferno can take him down easily.

Anytime: Empoleon, that’s great! If you need the water guy, you could do a lot worse than that penguin torpedo.

5. Totodil/Feraligatr

Scariest of all, Feraligator is an absolute monster.

Don’t be fooled by his poor stats. This thing can destroy teams. It’s a combination of several things. I’m sorry, but we have to do a little math here.

Although his attack is fairly 105, Feraligator’s real power comes from the Enormous Force.

Each move that has a side effect increases by 1.3 times, but removes the effect. This also affects the Life Orb element, which increases attacks 1.3 times by 1/10 your health points.

This means that the liquidation movement of a base profit goes from 85 to 136!

Combine that with dragon dance moves and decent defensive stats, and you get one of the best sweepers at the end of the game in Round 2.

The Feraligator is just as effective in the game. Although it is only strong against a total of two Gymleaders, its range of motion makes it effective against almost anyone.

They can easily attack the alligator.

4. Poplio/Primarina

I love the Primarin line.

I remember a lot of people didn’t like Popplio because he was a snotty clown, but that made me like him more. Not to mention that he gets a double set of water and fairies.

Honestly, it’s a little harder to justify Primarina in a game, since there are no gym leaders in Sun and Moon.

But we have 4 kahunas and an elite 4.

How many of these Primarina coaches does Primarina have an advantage with? 6 out of 8.

Primarina is simply the most useful starter in the Alola region.

And what about the competition?

Primarina, that’s really good! It’s a lame SWAT team that can type really well. With access to Moonbeam and Hydropump, he can hit just about anything and do a lot of damage. He also has a great attraction about himself: Calm down. Calm down.

The biggest drawback is that there is another type of Pokémon water/youth that just does better at the same time: Tapu Fini.

But that doesn’t change the fact that Primarina is one of the healthiest snacks of all Pokémon.

3. Squirrel/glass

OG Water Starter is the definition of a little boy making Pokémon.

How do we make this turtle colder?

Give him the gun.


But you know what? It worked.

This thing is really great. And when you think of a Pokémon that uses the water pump, you think of Blastoise.

Blastoitsa is very useful in the game. He has an advantage over 3 leaders in the gym, while being weak against 2 of them.

That’s very good, but it’s in the league that she really shines.

For a while, Blastoise was one of the best fast spinners because of its huge build. He further improved it with his Mega Evolution and the new capacity of the Mega Launcher. This accelerates all movements that have an aura or momentum.

This means that with Mega Blastoise, you can basically go from STAB to Dark Impulse, Aura Sphere and Dragon Impulse, as well as a double boost to Water Impulse.

When Blastoise also gets a beautiful looking G-Max, the best thing that happens to him in round 8 is that he gets a G-Max. A generation can end with a broken shell.

It’s probably one of the best shots in the game and turns the Blastoise into a terror.

The Pokémon has come a long way since the introduction of Blastoise. But this giant tortoise has more than held its own over the years.

2. Froqui/Greninja

Many may be surprised that Greninha is not number one.

And I totally understand that.

He is incredibly fast and has a high special attack. He probably has the best skill in the game with Protean.

Protean automatically changes the user’s notation according to the type corresponding to the movement used. This means that every move gets a STAB. It also has a giant trolleybus.

Not only that, but another incredible gift with Battle Bond.

This turns Greninja into Ash Greninja, increases her speed and special attack, and boosts her signature Water Shuriken move.

The Water Shuriken is a special multi-pay move that is also prioritized.

There aren’t many Pokémon that can match Ash Greninier. This is perhaps the most competitive Pokémon on this list.

How about number one?

It’s not as useful in the opening game as it is in the competition.

Of course Greninha has the advantage of being the two leaders of the gym and a member of Elite 4. but he is also weak against four gym managers! That’s more than any other water starter, and half the game!

Greninha is an incredibly competitive Pokémon, but he leaves a lot to be desired in the game.

1. Madkip/Pool

So my money’s on you Mudkipz? So do I.

It’s not only my favorite beginning Pokémon, but probably my favorite Pokémon of all time.

I’ve survived a lot of nuzloks because of that bad boy.

The last form, Swampert, makes Pokémon incredibly competitive.

His typing skills combined with his solid defensive stats make him a great Pokémon helper with sneaky ladders or wide guards. Plus, Mega Swamp is one of the best sweepers in the world.

Not to mention, it’s one of the most impressive Pokémon you’ll ever see.

But what makes the Swampert line great is the greatness of the Hoenn region.

The marsh has incredible water/land closure, so it only has one weakness: Grass.

In all of the main battles in Ruby/Sapphire/Smaragd, you’ll encounter a total of 7 Pokémon that belong to the Grass types. Additionally, Swampert has a STAB advantage over 4 Gyms and most of Stephen Stone’s Pokémon.

And Swampert is an incredible user of HM, with access to all types of water, energy, and HM split rock.

Am I prejudiced? Absolutely.

But you can’t pretend there’s a water starter that has the same utility in competition and in the game as the Swampert line.

And that’s what makes it the best water starter.

frequently asked questions

Which Pokemon Water Starter is the best?

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What is the best poker start in a game?

Evaluate all Pokémon. Starting out is hard.

What is the strongest Pokémon to start with?

Squirrel is also one of the strongest Pokémon early on and has some of the best counters for gym leaders in the entire Kanto area. In the beginning of the game, when your starting pokemon is definitely your best pokemon, it’s the squirrel that shines brightest here.

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