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Deathwing Achievement Guide (Normal and Enhanced Edition)

This guide describes the steps to achieve 100% of Space Hulk’s performance: Dead. We will also take a closer look at the difference between the normal and the enhanced version of the game.

Space Hulk: Guidelines for achieving mortality

Guidelines on service interruption

Have courage! – Complete the main campaign without using the Psygate.

  • This service should be provided at the first level and is simple. You use Psygate to heal and reconstruct your cure (Nahum). For this performance, DO NOT. That’s all I’m saying. The first level is pretty simple and should be easy without further healing.

Sanctuary. Use Psygate.

  • On the contrary, and you’ll probably find out in Chapter 2 or 3. Just press the 4 key to open Psigate.

Basically, you can’t miss the following enemy-related achievements because you kill a lot of enemies. They appear more than once in the final chapters of the game.

Mutant Witch Hunter – Kill the hybrid psyche.

Genestealer Stalker Killer –

Kill Broadlord. Kill Broadlord.

Genestealer Warrior Killer – Killing a Genestealer Warrior

Genestealer Pigtail Crusher – Kill the Genestealer Pigtail

Strong Path – Destroy the door on board Oletros.

Systems Master – Lock the door on Oletros.

  • These two achievements will probably come naturally in the game as well.
    It’s both about hacking the doors to prevent the filthy Xenos from striking behind their backs and destroying the doors, because the hacked doors can’t be reopened.

On your head! – Kill 666 enemies

  • This should work itself out, and by the end of the campaign you will have killed far more enemies than 666.

Missing performances

Listen my friends, I will tell you a secret about the next three performances. YOU CAN GET THEM ALL AT ONCE! But wait: You can only get 36 points with a maximum of one pass, but you need more than 50 points to complete all branches. How is that possible?

Yes, but there is a small way to make all the branches without cheating. RESTART!

Ok, so basically you have to play chapter 1 to 6 without spending skill points and collect all relics to get 4 skill points each time. preferably on easy. After completing Chapter 6, simply fully qualify a branch, confirm the start of the next mission, and reload the last checkpoint of Chapter 6. Do it two more times and you have the 3 small valuable achievements for each branch.

Important Information : I first did it in the normal version of Space Hulk, and you lose points when you leave the game. So you have to go through chapters 1 through 6 without closing the game once! I didn’t die in either loss (normal and enhanced), so I don’t know if this subtracts skill points as well, but I strongly recommend not dying the same way.

Devoted – filling the branch with devotion

Commanding Officer – Enter the commands

The Great Psyker – Completion of the Psi branch

You get both if you can work in the Psi branch, so don’t worry if you use the trick above.

Psyker Flame – Learn Hell

Psyker of Destruction – Learn about the vortex of fate


Time Lord – Find all the important relics from the main campaign.

  • Brevity is the spice of the Q3Cloud guide. Her methods make Relika very effective, and there is nothing I cannot add from my side.

Multiplayer performance

I’ll summarize Gamewiz here, an excellent guide to solo leveling. Please refer to it and provide more information.

If you play the extended version: The level in the main menu is not a level for classes. In each new assignment, you go from one class to another from zero.

So the level of your classes is not uniform. The more often you play a mission, the higher your level. Given that you can’t get the class to level 7 in a normal MP mission (other than moving very, very slowly), and that there’s a good chance this game will be a dead day. (The normal version is already dead), is there a good way to level up all the solo courses.

Champions Lions – unlock all of Terminator’s multiplayer attack abilities.

Killing Machine – Unlock all support abilities for heavy weapons in multiplayer.

Epistolia – Unlock all library features in multiplayer mode.

Phoenix Light – unlock all pharmacy skills in multiplayer

Pillar Chapter – unlocks all of the Terminator’s tactical capabilities in multiplayer mode

Step one: Start the game with a password (just in case) and disable the codex rules. Choose chapter 1 and the easiest difficulty level. Navigate to the blur in the following image. It is located between the station and the central hall with a nice big clock. Kill all the hybrids in the spawning area before you go there:

Step two: Now close and chop the 4 doors as shown and move them into position.
Gamewiz has noted positions for different classes, but basically you go to point C for mêlée weapons and somewhere between your current position and point B for all other classes.

Kill all dirty Xenes and go to the Apothecary if your health deteriorates. Note that changing class/weapon resets skill cooldowns, and level cooldowns disappear with each reload. You change class and weapon by pressing the I key. Note that the game is continuous and you cannot interrupt it. Orientation for each class takes 40 to 70 minutes at this location. Depending on the quality of the spawning area cleanup, more enemies seem to be spawning, but I can’t confirm this 100%.

To glory! – Killing 10,000 enemies

  • This achievement is achieved naturally by moving from one class to another and playing with only one player. There is no other way to play the game easily. Just by raising the class level you get about 6000 kills, the single player also gets 3000-4000. So it is not necessary to shred many/all victims for this achievement.

Brother-at-Arms – Perform 1111 assists in multiplayer or special missions.

  • There are two ways to increase this success. Pretty long. For a long time. If you have a friend or someone else to crush this achievement, just take the apothecary with hellfire and shoot the nearby enemies and let your friend finish them off. These weapons are perfect for helping farmers in the game of MPs. Another good weapon is the flamethrower. Note that you get no help in the normal version if you don’t moderate the game! For the advanced version, it doesn’t matter if you are a host or not. If you have no one to help you, there is another way, but it is very, very cumbersome. Take tactics and advance to level four. Killed skull bolts count as help. I know there’s no good place for me to go with him on a murder case. You won’t get much help in two minutes of use. (10-20) and you still have 180 seconds to cool down. So you better find someone to help you.

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