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10 Best AI-powered Android apps that actually work in 2021

The concept of artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm. The rise of the AI ecosystem has revolutionized almost every aspect of our lives. AI applications simply learn from the large amounts of data they receive and help perform many trivial or complex tasks.

Contrary to what was initially thought to be the origin of artificial intelligence, this technology has now made its way into all industries. The use of artificial intelligence technologies has helped to increase customer satisfaction or improve their business processes.

Top 10 AI-based Android applications that really work in 2021

After understanding how AI is redefining different areas of our lives, let’s take a look at some AI applications on Android that really work.

1. Amazon Alexa:

Alexa is a personal voice assistant and has become one of the strongest options for the best voice assistants with many features. The originally launched Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot speakers are now part of the Android and iOS ecosystem.

It uses voice search and natural language processing and offers multiple services in many genres. Services offered include setting alarms, broadcasting podcasts and other content, creating task lists, and searching the web to answer some of your questions. It can even provide you with real-time weather, traffic and news information.

2. Google Wizard:

Google Assistant is a voice assistant from Google. It is mainly available on mobile phones and other smart home devices. It works with many languages, but you can only work with the language you have defined as the system language.

Launched in 2016, Virtual Assistant allows for text and voice recording with an emphasis on natural language processing technology. You have access to a wide range of service options, including voice control of the device, voice search, live translation and many other options. Personal Assistant works with over 10,000 devices from less than 1,000 brands.

3. Hound:

Hound is a natural AI research tool. It is one of the top rated voice assistants that offers access on both Android and iOS. It is known for its faster and more accurate results for all your searches. Like Google Help, it works with the word wake, OK Hound.

The application combines the best features of speech recognition and processing. You can use it for all kinds of activities and tasks, such as for weather forecasts, booking a cottage, calculations, or even to find shops nearby. The application is connected to various service providers like Ola and Uber, which makes it even more interesting and efficient.

4. Stock:

Fyle is a powerful cost management database. The service is available on multiple platforms, including desktop, Android and iOS. It has been praised for its efficiency and recently announced its integration with Google Drive and Microsoft 365.

The fact that this tool is used by major companies like Royal Enfield and Communicorp should make it one of the most reliable options of its kind. The tool provides access to many advanced features, such as. For example, keeping track of company cards, expense reports, travel advances, and a host of other functions.

5. DataBot:

DataBot is another AI-driven chat wizard available for Windows, Android and iOS. The tool is also available for various devices including Xbox One, iPad, iPod, Android tablets and Windows phones. In fact, it was considered a step up from the standard voice assistant.

With this tool, you can create customizable multimedia presentations or even adapt them to your individual needs based on speech, voice and behavior. In fact, it evolves more and more as it is used. You can even use it in different languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese. It integrates very well with many services like Google search, Wikipedia and RSS feeds to give you accurate information.

6. AI Prism Image Processing:

The AI Prism photo editor uses neural networks in the cloud to edit your photos. The photo editing options offered by the program will convincingly transform your photos into something very classic and professional. You can turn your photos into works of art.

The application has over 300 filters that allow you to redefine and transform your images and photos into masterpieces. The complexity and imagination that the AI photo editor brings to your photos is really something you will find very remarkable. Although the subscription is not free, you can benefit from many features for free.

7. Magisto AI video editing:

Prism is for your photos, Magisto is for video editing with AI. It is a long-established video creation tool that allows you to use artificial intelligence even if you are not an expert. Creating a masterpiece with video is not easy. This is where Magisto helps you create the perfect AI video montage.

The software has a subscription model, but in most cases it is quite expensive. However, you have access to most of the features and functions worthy of the free version. If you like creating ads, Magisto should be one of the main options you want to look at.

8. Replica:

A replica is an AI application designed to act as a friend. Of course, some movies have shown romantic relationships with AI assistants (the classic example being Ona). It’s something that takes the creative imagination to an absurd level, but gives you an idea of what a replica can be.

If you are feeling lonely or depressed, consider talking to Replica. Chatbot is always there to help you if you are lonely. Thanks to the development of natural language technology and a conversational interface in the application, you can easily understand discussions. Instead of feeling like you’re talking to a robot, you feel like you’re talking to someone you care about.

9. Shortcut Keyboard:

A smart typing assistant can be a good option for those who have to type a lot. She’s smart enough to correct spelling and punctuation errors. It also has a wide range of features that allow you to customize color, font style, theme and design, and also provides external emoticon support.

The SwiftKey keyboard has many advanced features, including custom and multilingual keyboard options. AI-assisted autocorrect and prediction features provide a high level of assistance to optimize your typing accuracy. Support for over 300 languages should make it a very interesting option.

10. Socratic:

Finally, in our list of the best AI applications that really work on Android, Socratic is the one that can help you solve math problems. It can be a truly intelligent application, driven by artificial intelligence, that reduces the stress of difficult homework.

It works with a combination of AI and computer vision technology. This is one of the main options to help you solve math problems in seconds with an instant explanation of each step. With videos explaining the solution step by step, it is a reliable tool. The AI application supports algebra, geometry, trigonometry, biology, chemistry, physics, history and literature.

Before you go… 1Б9…

AI takes on a whole range of tasks that we perform in our daily lives. Science and technology have fundamentally redefined the way we use mobile applications. The introduction of AI has made the use of applications more enjoyable and provides a more satisfying user experience.

Here is a list of some of the robust and truly functional AI applications on Android. The fact that AI is now more advanced, helping businesses itself, and getting into real-life scenarios, has made it one of the great solutions and will change the way people interact with machines and everything around them.

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