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Best Manga With A Smart/Genius MC –

Using an idiot as a protagonist is a lot easier than using an intelligent main character.

If a character’s intelligence is in no way a reflection of the mangaka’s intelligence, the latter must still be intelligent enough to make the characters seem intelligent.

But a manga with brilliant characters has a seductive charm.

You wonder if every action, every scene and every dialogue has a meaning.

If you’re looking for a manga with smart characters, here’s our list of good choices.

15. The world known only to God (Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai)

Following the story of the legendary God of Conquest, the God of the World only knows how an otaku receives a blessing from a god.

The main character of this series is not called the god of conquest for nothing.

He prides himself on his ability to win the heart of every girl in 2D.

That’s where his genius comes in.

Unlike the typical genius, Keima’s mind only manifests itself in simulated encounters. He can analyze and derive exactly the right method to end the game. What’s more, he can even play four games at once if he goes all-in.

14. Game fish

Yes, this series is about gambling.

But it’s not just a game of chance with cards. The games even include treasure hunts and billiards, and the protagonist always has a chance to win, even if he is an amateur at some games.

The main character of this series is not only intelligent, but also very funny.

Needless to say, the game he plays almost always involves cheating.

But he sees through tricks almost immediately and finds new ones.

13. No game, no life

No Game, No Life was originally a light novel, then became the subject of a manga adaptation in 2013.

It also received animation in 2014.

This is the story of two playing siblings. They are incomparable geniuses at strategy, cheating and bluffing.

They are inveterate gamblers who even think that the world is nothing but a worthless game. When they are transported to a new world where everything has to be solved with games, their genius shines through.

They beat the big names one after the other in their own matches. And they did it with unconventional methods.

It’s an adventure worth pursuing.

12. Lying game

Forced to play the so-called game of liar, the heroine of this series is sucked into a world of lies.

In the game, players bring home a huge amount of money or get into debt.

And as the title suggests, the best way to win is to lie.

The main character is a professional con man whose goal is to save the heroin and end the game, resulting in a cacophony of intrigue.

The mind games, appeal to human nature, and selfishness in this manga are excellent. She could have been higher on that list if the heroin hadn’t been so unpleasant.

11. Gosik

Good detective novels are those that also keep the reader guessing.

Set in a school in a fictional European country, the protagonist here is accused of murder solely because he was present at the scene of the crime.

To prove his innocence, he enlists the help of the reclusive (but brilliant) Victoric.

After she drops the murder charge against him, they work to solve more complex cases. These cases are very interesting because you also get advice and details.

This means you can try to solve cases while you read.

10. Inspector Xeno and the Seven Closed Interrogation Rooms (Tantei Xeno in Nanatsu No Satsujin Missitsu)

As the title suggests, this series is about Inspector Xeno solving the mysteries of seven murders in a locked room.

Just so we’re clear: Inner murders are exactly what they seem to be:

The murders are committed in locked rooms with no one able to escape.

To increase the difficulty, seven locked murder rooms have been created by a brilliant architect. Each space also uses different physical principles and laws.

Obviously, the detective’s deductive skills and logical thinking are the best.

It’s not just the intelligence of the Xenos that’s interesting in this series, it’s the execution of the murder. The rooms are perfectly designed and are pure strokes of genius.

9. Easter dance

The story now follows the eccentric members of the SKET brigade, officially known as the Live Aid Club.

The leader of the trio has an interesting gift that allows him to fully concentrate and solve various cases for short periods of time.

He may not be as smart as the other characters on that list. But he’s still doing his job.

Also, the way the SKET brigade solves problems with their antics is very entertaining to read.

8. Gas code: Relapse Rebellion (Geass Code: Hangyaku no Lelouch)

Lelouch is an undeniable genius.

It’s crazy, but he’s definitely a genius.

With the spirit CC gave him, he manages to spark a revolution under his altar, Zero.

Lelouch is a cautious and scientific man. Although he is intelligent, he plans carefully and conducts numerous experiments.

He even managed to make all of Britain dance on his palms, making him both a hero and an anti-hero.

7. Tomodachi game

Tomodachi Game is a delicate manga.

It starts as an ordinary manga, but soon turns into a masterpiece.

The story is about a group of friends who get sucked into the title fight because someone in their group signed up. Friendships are ruined in this game.

However, the protagonist turns out to be unimportant in the game, as he is considered a monster. However, he easily wins the first two games and then proceeds to defy the administration.

And just like the manga itself, our protagonist starts off boring.

But after a few chapters, he shows his twisted and mean side. Turns out he’s actually a mad genius.

6. I move at night (Yoru ni Naru na Boku wa)

After the death of his sister, the main character of the series takes the law into his own hands.

When the criminals are finally released, he uses his head to commit the perfect crime.

But intelligence cannot compensate for a lack of strength and technique. He was beaten up and taken to the hospital.

He is then given the supernatural ability to enter the dreams of others.

And our MC is using his skills to the max. Combined with his intellect, he is able to manipulate people through the power of suggestion alone.

More: He does it while a funny cop is away.

5. Detective Conan

Conan is probably the greatest detective in the history of manga.

The series has reached over 1000 chapters. In other words, Conan fixed a lot of things.

And the issues Conan faces are anything but simple. Almost everyone is confused, to say the least.

Conan’s intellect has increased considerably. Maybe we should ask ourselves how many more needles Detective Muri’s neck can take.

4. Promised Neverland (Yakusoku no Neverland)

This show is really treacherous.

It all starts with a couple of kids playing in what they think is an orphanage. But it soon became clear that they were just cattle for the demons.

What at first glance looks like an orphanage turns out to be a baby brain farm.

The good thing about this horror is that the main characters are all geniuses.

Although they had barely reached puberty, they managed to cheat on their mother and escape from the orphanage. And not only that: They even manage to decipher clues and find the real leader of the operation.

3. Usogi

Like Gamble Fish, Usogi is also a manga about gambling.

Yet Usogi is ten times more intense than Gamble Fish in every way. That’s why it’s so important.

In Usogi, we see that the main character is not the only one who is intelligent. Almost every character in this series can be called a genius.

Whether it’s the bad guys, the judges, or even some of the side characters, they all have their heads on their shoulders.

The intrigue and psychological battles of this series are therefore of the first order.

2. Notification of death

Known for its confusing ruses, Death Note already involves such premises.

The exchange between Light and L is spectacular, to say the least. Their psychological warfare is brilliant from start to finish.

Moreover, the balance is constantly shifting from one side to the other. Just when you think one side is going to win, a plot twist completely reverses your prediction.

Even with L. Near and Mello dead, it’s not a breach of contract. In fact, they even gave Light a run for his money.

1. Dr. Stein

When a mysterious phenomenon petrifies the world, a lonely boy counts every second until his petrification is reversed.

This lonely boy is the main character of this series.

Unlike most survival manga, dr. Stone’s not all about survival.

The main goal of the character is to restore civilization through science. And he has the ability and intelligence to do it.

He uses his intellect and modern knowledge to bring today’s inventions to life. This includes weapons, technology and even food.

If you’ve never read this manga, you should definitely check it out. You’ll be surprised how much you love him.

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