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2DS Emulator Download for iPhone / Android/ Window/ PC/ Mac [2018 Edition]

Hi guys, today is a good time to share with you the most amazing and interesting. So I’ve given you the best way to get a 2DS emulator. You can download the 2DS game codes for free. And most importantly: You can use this guide to install the 2DS Emulator for iPhone/ Android/ PC/ Windows/ Mac. If you want to gain more knowledge and take advantage of this very interesting opportunity, read this article with its very concentrated content.

This is the best century for all game lovers today. There are many different games that you can play. with a very amazing and interesting tool to give you more fantasy with reality. So I’m here to talk about the 2DS emulator for Android, iPhone, windows/PC/ Mac. This application is one of the best tools I have ever had in my life.

This application will help you play all games without having to purchase their original emulators. In GBA4iOS you can use GBA emulators for instance. 2DS emulators help you play these types of games. I am here today with the perfect description to download and install this emulator for Android, iPhone, Windows PC, Mac.

2DS Emulator

2DS Emulator

My friends, if you can download 2ds, it is not easy because it is an unofficial application. So you can download the 2DS application from third-party stores. And there are many third party application stores for Android, iPhone, Windows, PC, but if you need to choose another emulator for different devices.  For example, if you are happy with a chick for Android, iOS 10/9/8/7/ iPhone0. And in the case of a PC or Mac Windows, you will have to use a different one. So, to get free 2ds game codes and emulator, see the following guide :

How do I install the 2DS emulator?

There are many ways to install this emulator. But today, I’m going to deliver the perfect one. However, we have broken these methods down into many different methods depending on the device you are using. So go through the following method with respect to what you currently have.

Install 2DS Emulator for iOS 10/9/8/7/iPhone/iPad to avoid jail time

A very important advantage for breakers is what they can do to get any version of an application through the Cydia store, that’s why today I will use this technique to give this emulator, let’s see……

  • First, you need to run Safari Brower on your iPhone. Then open a link to this brewer.
  • It’s a repo, so add it to your Cydia store. Go back to Sidia.
  • Once the source is successfully added, you can search for the Happy Chicken application in Cydia’s search box.
  • And click this link to install it and follow the instructions to complete the installation, as I do for all Cydia apps. (Use the Happy chick link to see the installation process clearly).
  • Once installed, you can see the happy chick on your home screen. Click on it to open it.
  • You can then use the search bar to find a 2D emulator with one of the games of your choice.
  • When it is found in the results, click on it again, which will open another page.
  • I think the download will start now, when it’s done, go to My Games in Happy Chick, there you can run this 2DS emulator and its games.

This technique is therefore very suitable for all prisoners. And I think and hope you enjoy the ride. If you like it, please share it with your friends and family. I wrote this 2DS emulator for iPhone devices not jailbroken iOS 10/9/8/7/. So, let’s see if you want to read this article.

2DS emulator for iPhone/iOS 10/9/8/7/ install without jailbreak:

As mentioned earlier, downloading the 2DS emulator on non-evasive devices is not that easy. Lately, more and more iPhone users have been complaining and asking if the program doesn’t open well for them. I suggest you try NDS4iOS. Otherwise, you can also follow this technique below as I am sure it will help you 100%.

  • Open Safari Brower on your iPhone and browse through this fun application for chicks.
  • Here is the download link for Happy Chick, use it to download.
  • I have now mentioned a few important installation steps, so follow them carefully to install it.
  • Once you have installed this application, go to Settings>>General>Device Manager>Profile>>Trust in the application.
  • Vertrauen -app-for-iOS-10-9-8-7
  • Trust in
  • Open happy chick from the home screen and launch it, it will search for the 2DS emulator.
  • From the results, choose a 2DS emulator with a suitable set and click on it. Now go to the next page and choose an option.
  • I start by downloading the two emulators for 2DS and the game, then I go to the Play Happy Chick option to start the game.

So if you want to use the 2DS emulator, it will help you play the game with more focus. I really like it, if you use this application and like it, please give us your feedback about this emulator.

Installing the 2DS emulator for Android

Many of you may have doubts about rooting, but before we get to the steps, I will explain here that you don’t need to worry about that because you can do it without these things, so let’s see how it is…..

  • Since the emulator is not an official application, you need to include unknown sources to install it.
  • So first open Settings>>Security>Unknown Sources and just click on it to activate it. You can now install all kinds of applications that are not available in the game store.
  • Unknown sources
  • Include unknown sources
  • And you need to install the Happy Chicken application on your device. You can follow this link to download it. You can also find an installation guide, just follow these instructions to install quickly.
  • You will then find the happy chicken icon on your home screen. This is a third-party app store for Android.
  • Open the application and choose the first option, which means you agree to open.
  • Go to the search box here and type in 2DS emulator and wait a few minutes. 2DS games are displayed in the search results.
  • Click on the 2DS emulator game you want to play. On the next page you will see the download function, follow it to start the download.
  • This loads two files at once, the game you chose and the 2DS emulator loads another.
  • After downloading, go to Happy Chick and select the Play option, here you will see Download Games & 2DS Emulator.

My friends, this is a very surprising choice for you because here you have no root for your Android device. That way it becomes too easy and too simple for you. And if you want to play other games, this tool will definitely help you.

Install 2DS Emulator for PC/Window:

There are many types of emulators available for Windows on PCs. My best suggestion is iDeaS. I say this honestly because no other program can make the NDS ROM work on our Windows PC. But in reality, it’s possible because there are ideas. If you wish, you can very easily obtain them on the internet.

  • Visit the official website of the Niantic store and you will find some ROMs. Choose one of them and buy to download it for Windows.
  • You can download this emulator from the link below. So download and install the program first, and then continue downloading.
  • Once you have it, 2DS or 3DS, you can download and play the game.

I think it’s very simple for the whole Android device described above. But now you must be patient. Once you have it, you can enjoy other showcase games with this tool.

Installing the 2DS Emulator for Mac:

Lately we have noticed that it works very well. So I’m going to make this guide just for you, so browse through it to get your lovely Mac.

  • First, download the 2DS emulator by following this link.
  • Then go to the download location and immediately click on the file to be downloaded. And click it twice.
  • Then drag the DeSmuMe file into the application folder.
  • You should now delete the DMG file from the download location. And open it on the desk.
  • Finally, you need to download the ROM and its games. Start playing this game now in the 2DS emulator.

This is a very amazing way for Mac users to get this program on their device. I don’t think there are any other tools out there that are suitable for them. So if you enjoyed the game, here’s a good guide for you.


My friends, here is how to install and download the 2DS emulator for iOS iPhone/Android/Windows PC/Mac. If you like it, follow the quick updates on our iOS blog for more information. We’re trying to get more emulators in. If anyone has a bug after following this guide, please try to post and share it, and if you have any questions, please leave a comment in the comment box below.

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