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theHunter: Call of the Wild

This guide describes some of the best steps for predicting animal movement in Hunter: The call of nature. For those who have difficulty hunting animals, this guide is for you.

Control of animal movements

Here are some facts that will help you predict animal movements. The first fact is that animals are not reborn before they are killed. This means that if an animal moves away from your render distance, you can always find that animal elsewhere in the reserve. We will refer to this as Rule 1 in the rest of the handbook.

Another fact to consider when predicting animal movements is that animals have a predetermined path that they will follow. This means that if you see a group of animals traveling in a certain area, you can set a time when you saw the animal and find it close to where you saw it.

Remember that animals move around in a given area at certain times, so an animal you saw at 7:30 may show up in the same area at 6:55, and so on. Note that a given path is associated with different desired areas on the map. We’ll call this line 2 in the rest of the manual.

To make a long story short, animals do not charge before they are killed, and they move along the path they have chosen, which makes it possible to predict where an animal will be at any given time.

Animalsare not painted over until they have killed animals.

In the hunter: Call of nature, animals are not reborn until they are killed. This has to do with the second rule, because the same animal can be seen on a certain path on two different race days. Remember that animals in a stalking and chasing situation (lions, cougars, mountain lions, etc.) do not kill the animals, but rather chase them away. This fact is not so important compared to the second rule, but the first rule is well known to young players.

Using a specified animal track to predict movement

The fact that the animals follow the path you have chosen helps you a lot if you use it correctly, and I have obtained many diamonds by using this fact. This is especially useful when hunting with tripods, as it allows you to spot animals in the area and easily predict them using the rule of two.

When you see a group of animals you want to predict, the first thing you should do is analyze the time they spent.

The second thing you need is to analyze their movements. Where did you first see her? Where did they leave your sight?

Third, you should set the timer for 30 minutes to 2.5 hours of play before you see the animals. We do it because the second rule tells us that they are following a certain path within a certain period of time. So if we reduce time to that period, we can predict where the animal will be. The game doesn’t seem to charge the animals until about 30 minutes after resetting the time, so keep that in mind.

Wild call.

If you haven’t had much luck resetting, you probably disturbed the animals to make them appear in a certain place. Think about what you did that might have disturbed the animals before you first saw them. Then repeat what you did during the 30 minute game before meeting the animals for the first time, try to catch the animals where you first saw them. You can also try to wash the animals by disturbing them.

You can determine if you have disturbed the animals during your initial observation by observing them and seeing if they are nervous, alert or suspicious (this requires some skill). I like to record the initial sighting so I can look at the sighting later and try to get details that can help me find the animal. That way you get a lot more diamonds and grids.

Account must also be taken of the areas of greatest need. If the animal moves outside your viewing distance, you can analyze the direction of the animal’s movement to try to find the right area for the animal to enter the map. This works because the path assigned to the animal is linked to multiple demand zones.

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