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Rogue Corps Review –

Contra is a series that could rival the great classics of yesteryear, but is sadly off the radar screens at the moment. The last three games with this name were a pacislot game, a slot machine and free mobile access. The show was all but forgotten, and Konami didn’t seem interested in reviving it. That was before Contra’s release: Rogue Corps, a song that has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many, but maybe it’s not as bad as fans assume?

The game comes a few years after the Super NES made its appearance on Contra III: Alien Wars and is set in a place known as the Cursed City. You must rid the alien city of one of four bounty hunters: the cyborg emperor, the assassin Miss Harakiri, the alien insect Gentleman and the charming panda (once a human scientist) Hungry Beast. Everyone comes with their favorite weapon, although you can trade primary and secondary weapons for new ones if you wish.

This game was created by Nobuya Nakazato, a veteran of the Contra series who has worked on games such as the aforementioned classic Super NES and Neo Contra (PS2). This new entry takes some hints from Neo Contra’s gameplay, so don’t expect a classic 2D side-scrolling shot. Instead: Contra: Rogue Corps has an isometric top-down view, unlike some of the alternate steps in previous games. While some die-hard fans may be disappointed with the new camera perspective and subtleties of the game, I found that the more I played, the more I enjoyed some of the creative aspects of the game.

Contra is in his heart: Rogue Corps is a two-stick shooter where you use the left stick to move your character and the right stick to aim your weapon. They’ve been around for decades, and games like Smash TV make them popular in slot machines. In the good old Contra method, you can also jump on higher objects by spinning in the air. The game features a dynamic camera, which means that your viewpoint changes frequently to accentuate the action on screen. There are areas in the game where you swing sideways for a minute and then run to the camera to escape a giant metal ball. Some battles take place in 3D, you control the cursor and shoot at the enemies on the horizon. This keeps the game fresh and exciting because you never know what to expect if you don’t play the level over and over again.

As mentioned above, your character has primary and secondary weapons that can be exchanged for the various weapons you can buy in the store. This gun has an unlimited amount of ammo, but there is a heat gauge that blocks your gun when it is full, so you cannot fire for a short period of time. In addition to conventional weapons, enemies can be killed in many other ways. Whether you’re running through environmental obstacles, crossing a horde of enemies, throwing enemies, using one of your bombs, or even making an unhealthy ending move (the game is rated M, after all), it’s definitely more than your standard running time.

This game is also based on light GPR mechanisms, although the implementation could have been better. You can increase your character’s skill level for a particular weapon, and you can also increase the level of the weapon itself. Unfortunately, it’s a little confusing with the attachments. There are scattered additions in the levels that add statistical bonuses and bonus effects, but they are very obscure about what they actually do. Often they don’t explain why they are useful, and it takes trial and error to figure out which ones are worthwhile.

Most Contra games are known for their challenge, with the original being known for coding 30 species to make it easier to beat. You can choose from three difficulty levels in this mode, giving you great or incredibly weak weapons from the start. The standard single-player levels are pretty straightforward, but once you beat the first part of the levels, you’ll enter brand new modes, one of which is an endless gauntlet to intercept enemies that you can fight for rare prizes. These plans will give the people the hardships they desire.

Although the game offers a good selection of content for a single player, the emphasis is on multiplayer teamwork. Unfortunately, the online multiplayer was not working at the time of writing, although we were told that online collaboration would work once the game launched. Different modes allow you to team up with other people or fight them to the death. The game also supports club bank, as well as many other methods of local multiplayer. Cooperation is not a must for this game, and the content for single player is pretty extensive, but it’s nice to see that there are so many options for multiplayer.

General Content : Rogue Corps looks and plays great. I didn’t have a single terrible image falling, even when there were swarms of enemies and huge bosses on the screen at the same time. The visuals have improved slightly since the opening trailer and there are many great moments in the game, such as the first encounter with the giant boss. Fortunately, there were no glitches or bugs that marred the experience. The only downside is that the soundtrack is a bit generic, which is a shame because some of the previous games in the series were memorable in this area.

If you can get past this change of perspective and appreciate a different take on the long series, I think it’s a solid experience from start to finish. If you’re still undecided, download the free demo from the online store, but if you’re in the mood for a nostalgic kick in the pants, you’d better go get the Contra anniversary collection.

Contract: Overview of criminal organisations
  • Charts – 7.5/10
  • Sound – 5/10
  • Gameplay – 8/10
  • Late Call – 8/10


Final thoughts : GRAND

Contra: Rogue Corps is an unexpected way to breathe new life into a beloved franchise. It’s certainly controversial among fans, but there are many reasons to give it a chance. The dynamic camera combined with the robustness of the gameplay makes for an exceptional gaming experience. I had a lot of fun with it, and it definitely performed better than the other Contra slot machine.

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