Tuesday, June 18

Hitman 3: how to become the club owner, and have a sit down with the ICA to unlock the Last Call achievement/trophy in Berlin

Hitman 3 constantly tests your ability to take out threats, disguise yourself and infiltrate enemy locations. This comes into play in Berlin, where there is a realization called Last Call. The description is as follows: Become a club owner and join the CIA. In this mission called Apex Predator, the CIA is tracking Agent 47, and you must destroy at least five of them to send a retreat message. When you reach this goal, you will discover many challenges and put your hidden and probing skills to the test. Find out how to unlock the Last Call Berlin achievement award here.

The first thing to do is go to Hirschm├╝ller’s office on the second floor, which is at the very bottom of the nightclub. It would require several costume changes and bring in a ton of guards and probably a few CIA agents. On the way down, it’s a good idea to take an Uzi, which the guard is probably holding. You’ll be in a firefight for this achievement, so you’ll need firepower.

When you arrive, you will see Rolf Hirschmuller talking to two bikers. Sneak to the left and you’ll find a gramophone that can be activated. It will distract Hirschmuller. Press the box and surrender to Rolf when he comes to turn off the gramophone.

Once Rolf is subdued, hide his body in a nearby locker and search the floor for his phone book. Soon the bikers will get up and leave the office, so no need to argue with them.

After they leave, pick up the phone at the bar and talk to him to set up a meeting with the head of security. The head of security is in fact the head of this ACI mission to take out 47 people and is named Agent Montgomery. Let him know and he’ll come down.

If you took any of the other CIA agents, what are your chances at this point, you’ll hear through the earpiece that they know you’re not who you say you are. Equip your Uzi and sit on a chair in the office. At some point, Montgomery will come and talk to you.

Once you are in the chair, you are asked to kick the table. Don’t do it yet. Let Montgomery talk a little, and you’ll see other agents slowly enter the room. When they come in and stand up, they recognize 47 and confirm that they are agents of the CIA. Sometimes agents can be a little slow in making arrangements, so please be patient.

With three agents behind Montgomery, you can now kick the table. The move will shift Montgomery and 47 will use it as cover. Take out your Uzi and kill the four enemies. Once they’re eliminated, work your way out. Whatever your disguise, you are considered a hostile in this lower part of the club, so you may have to deal with many guards. By the way, if you outnumber the five CIA agents killed on this mission, they’ll start evacuating. Take at least one and you will complete the Drive It Home task.

Take a bat safety mask, and once you reach the level, you should be able to proceed to exfiltration. Once you reach the level, the achievement will unlock.

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