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Help me pick my next T10 please!

WorldOfWarships7 - Help me choose the next T10, please!

I’ve saved up for exp, which allows me to go pretty far (T8 or T9) in the wood without sanding it too much (I’m really not a fan of low levels, and I think I’m skilled enough to jump in). I attach a list of my current T10’s, what I like or dislike, and which T10’s I will shred and why. Anyway, if you want to recommend a ship that I didn’t take based on what I like, do it!

Right now:

  • Des Moines: It was my first T10 and I got it a long time ago. In the beginning I didn’t really like it, mainly because of the thin armor and the high citadel, but as I got better, I started to appreciate it a lot more. I can do medium to severe damage in most races. I really like Dacca’s style of playing, but sitting on the island gets boring. I also played BB… I know how frustrating this can be.
  • Kremlin: My second T10 (I stopped playing for a while). I really like the Kremlin. I like the military character, the percussive weapons and the general aspect (again a large art department). However, I think that with his meta-spam, if you go a little too far, or if you get a bad offspring, or a very heavy HE enemy flank, this ship can go all the way loose. I wouldn’t be against a better range, but 20k is a bit short compared to other T10 BB’s. I generally like the boat, but spam kills me sometimes.
  • Shimakaze: My third T10. It was my first experience with DD’s, and I don’t think I was very good at it when I got them. I have often gone too far and made positioning errors. I’m not a fan of incredibly slow torpedoes. Besides, the ship looks lethargic. It is not very fast (compared to the other DD’s), has a large turning circle and a relatively slow rudder movement. I like the power with which the torpedoes hit, but usually I can’t hit much when I’m as close to a 5.6k detection as possible. It is also demolished by hybrid DDs and cutters. His weapons are essentially a joke, and the fact that he can’t defend himself or stand up to most enemy DD’s, destroys this ship for me.
  • Netherlands: My fourth and final T10. This boat is unbelievable. Good anonymity and fast, blistering torpedoes. I’m probably only doing average damage with this ship, and I’m having trouble getting incredibly high damage rates with it, but I feel very consistent. Thorpe’s are much easier to put down, their weapons are pretty good and his AA allows him to protect himself or his allies from CV’s in one way or another. Although very slowly. It’s probably my favorite T10 so far.

Right now, I’m looking at these ships:

  • Petropavlovsk: I love the gameplay of the cruiser and I think it’s a stark contrast to my DM. It’s a tanker, it has more guns and incredibly fast projectiles (which I haven’t played with yet). The attraction of hulls rotating at 1 km/s and 360 degrees is truly seductive. Also, and this is not a big problem, but after a few months of work, I’m pretty close to having a single commander, and I think of Kuznetsov. I’ve heard that with the retraining of commanders, commanders will be able to specialize in one ship per class, so I’ll have more because I already have the Kremlin. Correct me if I’m wrong.
  • Glue: Dude, that boat looks like an explosion. Incredible torpedo arches, long and fast engine thrust (52-55 knots!), and a rechargeable booster for starting! I think Halland has made me a much more conservative and confident player when it comes to DD, so I feel like I can be a match for Kleber. The destruction of the CL and DD plates is a plus.
  • Brave: I don’t even know if I should record this. She seems like a very nice boat, but I’m not that attracted to her. He just seems… easy, I guess? I really want a one-of-a-kind ship with a one-of-a-kind game, and Bold seems too vanilla.
  • Venice: 36 knots, 15 barrels, SAP and exhaust? I think it’s pretty unique and cool. EWS seems to me a very consistent type of ammunition. You may not get many citadels, but they will always do good damage (except for forests over 50 mm). He also looks like a tantrum god with that tight but long turning circle – what’s a plus?
  • Vermont: I start by saying I despise Colorado. This boat is a total piece of junk and I never got Montana because I hated him so much. I know Vermont’s the same, but it looks better. Of course, the biggest thing that attracts me is the gun. 12x457mm, with an excellent USN range and dispersion. I’m also halfway through Halsey’s campaign, so he’ll be a big asset to Vermont. Like Peter and Kuznetsov, it would be nice to have several ships to use it.

What do you think? I know this position was quite long, but I would really appreciate any suggestions or thoughts. If it helps, I’d say I’m an average or slightly above-average player. I think I excelled in aiming, predicting and improving positioning. I have good instincts, I guess so.

Thank you all in advance!

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Help me pick the next T10, please! for the World of Warships game.

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