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Best Teemo build in League of Legends: Wild Rift – Cost, Abilities, Skins

Riot Games has been teasing Teemo for a long time, and with the Yordle Expedition, Teemo will finally be available to the entire League of Legends soon: Wild Rift Players. Without hesitating to overcome the most dangerous and threatening obstacles, Teemo explores the world with boundless enthusiasm and a joyful spirit.

He is a Yordle with an unshakable sense of morality; he prides himself on following the Scout Code, sometimes so diligently that he ignores the profound consequences of his actions. If some people say the existence of the Scouts is questionable, one thing is certain: Convincing Timo isn’t easy.

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Although Teemo is not currently in the game, it will likely be available for 5,500 Blue Motes or 725 Wild Cores like the other champions. As announced by Riot Games, Teemo is also available for free as part of the Yordle Expedition.


  • Poisoned Shot (Passive) – Each Teemo attack poisons the target, dealing impact damage for 4 seconds and every second thereafter.
  • Blind Arrow (Ability 1) – Blind an enemy’s vision with a powerful poison that damages and blinds the target for a period of time.
  • Move Fast (Skill 2) – Teemo moves in darts, passively increasing his movement speed until he is hit by a champion or enemy tower. Teemo can sprint for a speed bonus that won’t stop hitting for a short time.
  • Guerrilla (Skill 3) – If Teemo stands still for a moment and does nothing, he becomes invisible forever. If he’s in the bushes, Teemo can come in and maintain his invisibility while moving. After coming out of invisibility, Teemo gains the surprise element, increasing his attack speed by 3 seconds.
  • Damaging Trap (Ultimate) – Teemo sets an explosive and poisonous trap with one of the fungi in his backpack. When an enemy is trapped, he releases a poison cloud that slows the enemy down and does damage over time. When Teemo throws a mushroom at another, it bounces, gaining extra distance.


According to the latest patch 2.0 notes, Teemo will come with two skins.

Teemo’s Little Devil Illustration by riotous games

Cottontail Teemo Riot Games Illustration

Lulu Best Building, Items and Runes

We’ve put together a list of the best Teemo builds to use in the gorge.

Baron Lane Building

  • The Tooth of Nasor is an excellent base item for Teemo, as it attacks with 15 bonus magic damage + 15 AP.
  • Gluttons – Increases the Teemo movement speed by 15% for 3 seconds. If you take or receive compensation from champions, the sprint will be removed. (Cold War of the 1960s)
  • Liandry’s Torment is another great stack for Teemo, as it deals 2% more damage per second on combat champions, limited to 10% after 5 seconds. Improved skills and attacks inflict 1% of the enemy’s maximum health as additional magical damage for 3 seconds. This damage is doubled if it is delayed or immobilized.
  • Orb of Infinity – Increases Teemo’s movement speed by 5%, increases magic penetration by 15%, and increases skill criteria for taking 20% more damage against enemies with less than 35% health.
  • Rabadon’s Death Capsule – Increases capacity by 40%.
  • Personal Void – Increases magical penetration by 40%.
  • Enchanted Teleportation – After 3.5 seconds of teleportation, Teemo is teleported to a champion, structure, or allied branch. (180s cooldown)

That’s what it looks like: Lulu’s best building in League of Legends: Wild Rift – Costs, skills, skins

Attack on building

  • Liandry’s Torment is an excellent stacking item for Teemo as it deals 2% more damage per second, limited to 10% after 5 seconds on combat champions. Improved skills and attacks inflict 1% of the enemy’s maximum health as additional magical damage for 3 seconds. This damage is doubled if it is delayed or immobilized.
  • Awakened Soul Snatcher – Teemo’s unique grips reduce final cooldown by 3%, and by 15% after five batteries.
  • White Wand – Increases magical penetration by 40%.
  • Morellonomicon – Magic damage causes painful wounds to enemy champions for 3 seconds and increases magic penetration by 15.
  • Rabadon’s death cap – it increases the power of the abilities by 40%.
  • Teleportation Enchantment – After being escorted for 3.5 seconds, Teemo teleports to a champion, structure, or allied branch. (180s cooldown)


Baron Lane Building

  • The Gripper of the Immortal battle that enters generates a stack every second for the next 3 seconds. Additional stacks can be created by re-entering combat after 2 seconds. After reaching four stacks, your next basic attack will consume all stacks for 6 seconds against an enemy champion to deal 4% of your maximum health bonus magic damage, restore 2% of your maximum health, and permanently grant five bonus health points. The increased attack time is refreshing when you go to war.
  • Brutal gains seven attack bonuses and 2% armor penetration, or 14 power abilities and a magic penetration bonus (adaptive).
  • The Spirit Walker gains 50 maximum health points and 20% resistance to deceleration.
  • Hunter – Genius gives Rush ability bonuses for each unique grab.

Attack on building

  • Kleptomania after using a skill, your next skill move, or a basic attack on an enemy champion gives you a random object effect.
  • If you collect a storm every 2 minutes, you gain 2 attack bonuses or 4 power abilities (adaptive).
  • Regeneration restores 2% of missing health or 2% of missing mana every 3 seconds, whichever is lowest.
  • The Manaflow strip that hits an enemy champion with an allowed ability or attack increases your maximum mana by 30, to 300 mana.


  • Ignore: Ignore the target’s enemy champion, dealing 60-410 (depending on level) of real damage in 5 seconds and inflicting serious wounds icon.png Serious wounds, reducing the healing effect by 50% (90 second cooldown).
  • Lightning: Teleports a short distance forward or to the target (150 second recharge time).

Along with Teemo, the Yordle Expedition presents four other Yordle champions, including Corky, Kennen, Tristanna, and Lulu, and their skins. These champions will be available in the game as the game progresses. You can read all about the Yordle Expedition here, including missions, rewards and more.

With them is Jonathan Chao, the director of all League of Legends games: Wild Rift, announced that it will release balance patch updates every two weeks, making it clear that Riot wants to balance the game for its global launch this year to make it fair for players of all skill levels.

There will be another solution in two weeks.

as we’ve already said, we’re aiming for a

– Jonathan Chao (Wild Rift) (@RiotJCM1117) January 8, 2021

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