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Application is waiting for the debugger to attach –

Development issue/problem:

I’m working in Eclipse to develop an Android application and when I tried to debug my Samsung Tab, I got the following message on the Debugger waiting screen and below that app xxx was waiting for debugger to connect, I did some research and found it :

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

On my Nexus 7 tablet with Android 4.4.2
I solved this problem by taking the next step.

  1. Settings
  2. Developer options
  3. Select a debugging application
  4. Selected , do not select anything

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

Solution 2:

Sometimes the forced closing and reopening function does not work. This problem may occur if the application is currently in debugging mode and you select it for debugging and then access the application from your device:

Settings ->
Developer Options ->
Select the application to be debugged ->
Select nothing

or if the application is in debug mode but not selected as debug mode:

Settings ->
Developer Options ->
Select application for debugging ->
Select application!

Solution 3:

I had the same problem. Adding the permission didn’t help me because Eclipse allows automatic debugging when running in debug mode.

In the device settings, make sure that the Wait for Error Find check box in the Developer Options section is disabled.

I also tried to shut down and restart Eclipse and it finally worked!

I’m still trying to figure out what the real problem is, but I hope this helps!

Solution 4:

Rebooting Eclipse is the only solution that works for me every time.

Solution No 5:

Go to Settings->Development options.
Then just uncheck the checkbox on the right side of the developer options header and activate it.

Also enable USB debugging.

It worked for me.

Solution No 6:

This question has already been asked. This is unusual, but for some devices an extra authorization (a flag) is needed to let the debugger participate!

So open your androidManifest.xml and add this permission:

Solution No 7:

I had the same problem with the emulator.
No matter what I’ve done,

  1. Closing the emulator
  2. Open the DSA manager
  3. Delete the data from the dropdown list for the desired emulator in the AVD Manager. Maybe the same thing works with devices.

Solution No 8:

I had a problem when I pushed F11 to escape.

If you press F11, debugging takes place. Press Ctrl+F11 to begin.

After that this problem didn’t come back.

Solution No 9:

I encountered this problem with Android Studio 2.0 with a Nexus 6 running under version 6.0.1.

I tried most of the above suggestions and finally solved the problem by restarting Android Studio and Nexus 6.

Solution No 10:

The other reason why this dialog is suspended is that you have breakpoints in your various component processes (application / activity etc…).

For example:
If you have a breakpoint in an activity that is running on a process other than your main application, this dialog appears until you manually connect the debugger to the process.
The icon in the middle is used for the android workshop:

Give here a description of the image

The intuitive reason is that when you run the debugger in debug mode, it is linked to the main process of your application and not to all other processes, so you need to manually specify which process the debugger should be linked to.

Good luck!

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