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14 Proven Solutions To Fix “Unfortunately, Instagram Has Stopped” On Android

You may be using the Instagram application, and everyone has that application on their phone right now. But have you ever come across a single bug where you couldn’t log in because the application wasn’t working? What I mean is that you will see an error message that unfortunately says that Instagram has stopped or is still collapsing. If you’re worried about this problem, I’m sure you’re looking for solutions to it. I’ve got a few things I think you should try to get out of. So I recommend that you read this article in its entirety and learn simple and effective ways to fix the Instagram breaker on Android. How can I cancel the Sorry, Instagram has stopped the error message on Android? You may not know this, but in fact many Instagram users have experie...
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Android LogCat Filter for multiple tags in Eclipse –

Question or issue in pp Development: Clicked on create filter could not figure out from docs how to create a filter for say two or more tags. If I have two tags com.test.TestClassA and com.test.TestClassB how do I create a filter that shows log for both of these classes? I saw how you can start ADB for only certain tags, but how can this be done in eclipse? Please provide details thanks. What exactly do I need to enter on the tag line when creating a new filter in eclipse? How to solve this issue? Solution no. 1: As pointed by Brain Reinhold you can combine tag filters with vertical bar | (which obviously means logical “OR”). You can also use that (as well as other Regex) syntax in the logcat search box (by preceding tags with tag: prefix): tag:com.test.TestClassA|com.test.TestClassB More ...


Adults can have fun too. Really? Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Why can’t adults enjoy swings? Meta swings are fun and tasty. But a hard blow! Sitting on the green lawn, in the garage or in the garden and rocking with a cup of hot coffee – sounds cool and relaxing! The best swings for adults and children, specially designed to let even the toughest adults slide without breaking. When searching for the best swings for adults you can find different options and different types of swings. The main goal is whether the swing is strong enough to carry the weight of an adult? There are many types of swings for adults on the market today, in different colours, patterns and styles. Below you will find the most important factors to take into account when purchasing a sturdy outdoor s...

Help me pick my next T10 please!

I’ve saved up for exp, which allows me to go pretty far (T8 or T9) in the wood without sanding it too much (I’m really not a fan of low levels, and I think I’m skilled enough to jump in). I attach a list of my current T10’s, what I like or dislike, and which T10’s I will shred and why. Anyway, if you want to recommend a ship that I didn’t take based on what I like, do it! Right now: Des Moines: It was my first T10 and I got it a long time ago. In the beginning I didn’t really like it, mainly because of the thin armor and the high citadel, but as I got better, I started to appreciate it a lot more. I can do medium to severe damage in most races. I really like Dacca’s style of playing, but sitting on the island gets boring. I also played BB&#...

How to Turn Off Google Meet in Gmail App & PC

The trend towards working from home via conference applications has increased since 2020. Yet thousands of companies and individuals use Google Meet, Zoom and applications such as MS Team to manage their work. In fact, it’s not just about work, but also about relationships with friends, family and other people around the world. Still, Meet is perfect for Google, integrated almost everywhere in its best applications such as Gmail. Yes, there are a few camera problems, but they can be solved in an instant. Moreover, some people do not use the Google Meet application on their computer or Gmail applications. So you are one of them and want to disable, delete or disable Meet in Gmail. Now you have full control over your Gmail application. You can easily navigate to manage functions, inclu...